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I felt pushed towards greatness and inspired everyday in Love Hive’s training.

I shared the experience with amazing people who I now consider some of my closest friends. Most importantly, as teachers and wonderful human beings, Audra and Jessica underscore community and heart based practice above all else.”​

Carly, Gradate & Teacher, 2017

The Love Hive teacher training empowers students to clarify their vision and to use the lens of yoga to be in close relationship with our highest selves and our fullest potential. We believe this is possible right now and that Yoga is a path to this deeper knowing. 

This training includes study in:

Yoga postures 


Pranayama & meditation

Yoga class sequencing

Foundations of teaching vinyasa yoga



Professionalism & purpose-driven livelihood

This training is for you if...

Your primary desire is to learn, study, practice, and be curious about the richness and depth of yoga 

You want to be a part of and connect with a diverse community of fellow yogis and build life long soul-enriching relationships

You long to deepen your knowledge as a student and learn how to be a more integrated and self-aware human being

You are interested in gaining the skills to teach knowledgeably and professionally. 

You are committed to working hard, being kind & loving, and practicing curiosity, generosity, and receptivity.


Audra is inspirational and exceptionally loving. She is a dynamic asana teacher and a soulful guide on the path. Audra uses her super powers of kindness and community building to make all her offerings extraordinary. Audra's intention for this training is to help inspire your inner wisdom and teacher so that it can serve you in your life practice as well as your teaching practice.
Jessica's heart-centered teaching is a steady and strong hatha style practice that taps into embodiment, mindfulness, and the energetics of the postures. Goddess magic down to her core, her connection to spirit and nurturing self love, growth, and awareness are the essence of the qualities she brings to the training. Jessica's intention is to help each student feel more connected to their truest selves, find healing, and realize their innate Joy.
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Love Hive Yoga Teacher Training



Love Hive Yoga Teacher Training



Love Hive Yoga Teacher Training



Love Hive Yoga Teacher Training



Anatomy In Motion with Audra & Jessica

The Yoga Sutras of Patanjali

The Subtle Body, Pranayama & Meditation

Find your OM & Chant with the Harmonium

The Business of Yoga: How to work and make it work

Trauma & Resiliency for Yoga Teachers 

Weekly Mentorship with Love Hive Teacher Mentors



A 3-day yoga retreat at Breitenbush Hotsprings 


Every student will have the opportunity to practice their teaching skills in real classes after the end of the program. Visit our graduates now on Saturdays & Sundays for their donation classes at 1pm and get a peek at what you will be doing this time next year plus a chance to connect with them and ask questions about the program. Our donation classes are a pay it forward system. Every donation goes into a scholarship fund to give to one student to take the training the following year. Learn more about the scholarship below. 




Everyone is deserving of Love. It is a basic need for survival and essential in learning to thrive.  We seek to live in the light of Love in all that we do, knowing that it is an infinite resource that comes from Source and flows through us. When we move from Love, we are moving in alignment with our highest selves. We are all equal in our value and worthy of care, nurturing, and love.


Connection is the basis for relationship. To oneself, to others, to the divine. When we seek to move from generosity and with connection as our north star, authentic and nourishing relationships are possible. Using this as our vision, we can develop the tools necessary to have more love, kindness, and joy in our daily lives. 


We believe that together we are stronger. That in relationships is an opportunity to  explore the places we need to grow and heal the the places of our past. Your community can also serve as a vast resource of support. When we struggle to stay on the path of our highest purpose, our community can hold the pace for us and help to lead us back to ourselves. Lifelong relationships with others who are seeking the same kind of conscious awareness are essential to success in the practices of yoga. During your training, you will be given the opportunity to build these relationships and make friendships with fellow seekers who will expand your heart and nourish your spirit. 


We are all interconnected. When one of us is impacted, so is everyone in the collective. As we expand our capacity to love, heal from our wounds, and care of our spirits, this causes a ripple effect within the community via personal relationship but also on a level much more subtle. In yoga practice, we take part in Seva or service to help those in need and to practice the skills of compassion, empathy, and generosity. This not only teaches and fulfills our own hearts but it strengthens and supports all beings. As others grow so do we. The cycle is ever giving and recycling. 


We believe yoga is a practice of the spirit. We use the modality of the body and mind to seek a deeper and more eternal light within ourselves. This source is open to be interpreted in the way that resonates with the individual. We are open to all ideas of spirituality and feel that the diversity of beliefs is a foundation of a healthy community and creates a rich learning environment. Connection with the divine is a pathway to healing and joy. We practice teachings from many traditions, pulling from each the seeds that form the core of all spirituality and  foster loving connection with your deepest truth and highest self. 


Yoga is a vast, limitless ocean and we are forever students at her shores exploring new waters in that vast ocean. At Love Hive we practice receptivity and curiousity. If there is only one skill to master, it is the skill of studentship. When we remain open to learning, we remain open to our fullest potential. When we take the stance of "what can I take away from this" even when it is something repeated or something we are adverse to, we give ourselves the gift of limitless possibilities. Each teacher in this program is a devoted student first. Only from being an excellent student can one develop into being an excellent teacher. 




Valerie is thrilled to be joining the Love Hive team for the 200hr training. As a teacher since 2009 she is constantly evaluating how yoga can help support and meet us wherever we are on our paths as we change, shift, and develop and move through various aspects of life.


With so much reverence for the guidance from teachers Jasmine Tarkeshi, Keith Borden (Laughing Lotus 200hr and various 50 hour trainings), Joy Ravelli (200hr through Purusha Yoga), 500hr through Yoga Tree with various teachers including Katchie Ananda (dharma), Annie Carpenter (asana), Jane Austin (pre/postnatal), and Harvey Deutch (yoga therapy).


Valerie has been a mentor for the 200hr yoga teacher training for six years, and taught the prenatal/kids yoga as part of the Laughing Lotus curriculum. She has also assisted trainings at Purusha yoga, and taught various modules including surya namaskar, vinyasa sequencing, and dharma.



Keri is lending her super flow skills and radiant spirit and stepping in to support teachers in sequencing, practice teaching, giving feedback, and learning the essentials of vinyasa flow teaching. Keri has studied with Dana Trixie Flynn and Jasmine Tarkeshi, co-founders of Laughing Lotus NYC & SF having taught for Laughing Lotus NYC before moving to Portland. Keri is masterful in her flowing transitions and easeful approach to more continuing level practice and we could not be more thrilled to have her on the team. 


Mentor Teacher

Brianna uses her background in African Diasporic Dance and Massage Therapy to infuse her knowledge of how bodies move and operate. She teaches with a strong focus on inner and outer alignment, encouraging her students to really feel into their own inner experience.


Brianna graduated from the LHY Teacher Training in 2017 and started teaching right away. She  currently teaches mostly alignment-based flow and hatha classes. She has a strong, dedicated practice and we’re so excited for her to share ways to cultivate that in your daily life. Brianna’s passion is teaching, and she could not be more thrilled to be joining the team this year for LHY’s 200 hour Teacher Training.


Mentor Teacher

Meg graduated from the LHY Teacher Training in 2017 and started teaching right away. She currently teaches flow & yin yoga classes. 

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Program Details

Cost: $3,200.00 *Early Bird valid until August 15th*
$3,500.00 After August 15th 2019

Payment plan: 6 payments of $585

Deposit to hold spot: $350 (credit towards tuition, non-refundable)

Tuition includes 2 classes per week at Love Hive Yoga, a 3-day retreat with 3 meals per day and lodging at Breitenbush Retreat Center, training manual, all workshops and mentorships. 


Payment plans are available! 

To get started email us, click HERE to email.

PLEASE NOTE: Payment plans are offered as six payments of $585. The first installment of your payment plan must be made prior to August 15th. Please contact us if you have any questions.



September 13th - December 15th, 2019


Love Hive Yoga Burnside



Fridays: 5:30pm - 9:30pm

Saturdays: 2:30pm - 6:30pm 

Sundays: 2:30 - 6:30pm


Retreat at Breitenbush!

Wednesday November 13th - Friday November 15th, 2019

*No classes the week of Thanksgiving


Curious? Connect with Audra & Jessica during Office Hours.

Click Below to Schedule


Love Hive would like to make yoga and teacher training more accessible and inclusive. As part of that effort we are offering scholarship awards each year to persons who would not be able to attend the training otherwise due to financial restrictions. Scholarships are for half of the cost of the program. Opportunities for greater support are available and will be considered on a case by case basis. 


Preference is given to POC and those persons who are underrepresented within the yoga community as well as those who have an invested practice at Love Hive Yoga.


This will be awarded by June 2019. Apply early.


Start the journey.

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We are registered with Yoga Alliance and our program adheres to these standards. 

Email us with any questions or concerns! We are happy to help in any way.

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