Allison Riegel

In my classes you can expect a nurturing, supportive space for you to embody your yogic being. Therapeutic and heart-centric, my classes are a place for you to grow your relationship with your intuitive somatic senses, while witnessing the intricate patterns of your unique inner landscape. You can expect asana that cultivates strength and fluidity, subtlety and awareness, creativity and openness, while maintaining an intimate relation with the breath. We will slow down long enough to engage all six of our senses, attuning to the nuance and subtlety of each moment. You will invite your nervous system to reset, making space to access unconscious layers of being, and to meet with the elemental, metamorphic vibration that is at the center of your consciousness.  


To me, yoga is love, and our connection to the infinite well of loving source energy that so generously illuminates our inner cosmos. Opening us to the truth of our own experience, yoga allows us to see more vividly into our own reflection - creating a lifelong relationship with our selves. In practice, yoga allows us to move through the world with a sense of groundedness and ease, aligned in a continuous process of transformation, radiating the love we are swiftly becoming. 


I am inspired in my teaching by a sensual relationship to our body landscapes and the wisdom of the earth. I’ve studied Yoga Therapy with Sarahjoy Marsh at Portland's DAYA Foundation, Hatha Yoga with Ritam Healing Arts' Saul David Raye in Ojai, California, Plant Spirit Medicine with Scott Kloos at The School of Forest Medicine in Portland, and Magic and Ritual at the Blue Iris Mystery School in Portland. My work combines yoga therapy, holistic cooking, and creative practice as interrelated healing modalities. Connection to the earthly body permeates my life and powerfully guides my work.


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