Alysa Romano

What is yoga to you? 

To describe what Yoga is to me is complicated. Yoga is the way I move, a place that I go, a mindset that I keep. Yoga is both being and becoming. A space where I can be myself and tell the truth- sometimes the ugly truth- and feel an overall sense that everything will work out. Yoga is a practice, a commitment to live in a wholehearted way, curious, grateful, enthusiastic. In one word, Yoga is home. There are no physical walls to be seen, but it's there, inside and outside of me and always there to quietly come back to after I've played in the world and convinced myself of truths and non-truths. Yoga is all of this and may be more. 

What are you interested in sharing?

The joy of movement, the depths of mindfulness, the will and commitment to show up and be authentic. A practice of deciding to leave all the small talk, all the fluff that hides our substance, and come together to face what we need to on that particular day. Maybe it's a mood or physical feeling or situation or relationship- the asanas and our focus and the energy in the room help us to understand and make choices. Do we need to do more or less? Get more intense or lighten up? Add strength or ease? Be serious or playful? Of course those choices are being made within the poses but, more expansively, they're a metaphor for our lives. Every time we make a choice in the room, we are evolving outside of the room. And we're also working to uncover that we don't necessarily need anything outside of ourselves, we just need to recall the magic that's been inside all along.


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