Ashtanga Yoga For Weight Loss

Ashtanga Yoga For Weight Loss

Yoga is well-known as a relaxing practice that helps to relax the mind. It may seem like a far-fetched concept to think of it as a weight loss plan, but you can not avoid it. 

Ashtanga Yoga for weight reduction is well-known for its physically demanding asanas, and guess what? It efficiently burns the extra fat in the body.

As an added benefit, it keeps the heart healthy and thereby makes you look young. The practise of this yoga keeps your body flexible and strong. 

The asanas included in this yoga are also helpful for those with varying physical problems such as backache, asthma, arthritis. 

The benefits of Ashtanga Yoga are endless, and with regular practice, you will be able to shed some weight as well.

So, let’s see how this yoga affects weight loss.

How Ashtanga burns fat

The asana sequences in Ashtanga raises the body heat and cause you to sweat more. When combined with physically demanding exercises, it will undoubtedly burn a pound or two. 

However, it is not simply the breathing or Ujjayi and exercises that aid in weight loss. When you practice Ashtanga and make the most of Savasana, you can minimize tension and mental clutter. 

Stress can lead the brain to decrease hormonal responses. However, it can only be alleviated by comfort eating or other habits that accumulate excess pounds. 

So, how much fat does it have the ability to burn? The answer is dependent on your weight and the intensity of your yoga practice. 

You can lose half a pound in seven days by including a rigorous Ashtanga Yoga for weight reduction program at least three times each week. However, if you adjust your calorie consumption, it might significantly boost!

Poses of ashtanga yoga for weight loss

Frog pose

  • Lie down on your chest and attempt to reach your feet or knees. 
  • First, take a deep breath, then compress your shoulder blades from the back while extending your arms backwards. 
  • Fold your feet to your buttocks and grab them with your hands for five deep breaths.
What is frog pose good for?

Milk churning pose

  • You should sit comfortably with your legs straight in front for this Ashtanga Yoga for weight reduction position. 
  • Keep your legs together for stability while leaning slightly back with a straight spine. 
  • Clasp your hands together and make a sweeping circular motion on top of your legs.
  • Do this ten times, then switch directions.

Bridge pose

  • Lie down on your back and place your feet on the floor, knees pointed to the ceiling. 
  • After that, lay your arms flat on your side with your hands towards the ceiling. 
  • Raise your pelvis to knee level, then slowly lower your body to the ground. 
  • Do this up to ten times.
What is the bridge pose good for?

Locust pose

  • In a planking position, place both arms on your sides, palms towards the ceiling. 
  • Rest your chin and forehead on the ground, then lift your right foot 10 inches off the floor. —After a few minutes, transfer to another leg, but keep the resting leg straight.

Downward dog pose

  • Both your hands and feet should be placed on the floor, with your back and legs forming a sloping configuration. 
  • Your buttocks should be facing upwards, and your shoulders and neck should be relaxed and released. 
  • Bend your knees slightly if your hamstrings are too tight for the position. 
  • Do it in five deep breaths.
How do you do a downward facing dog for beginners?

Will it work for everyone?

No, Ashtanga Yoga for weight reduction will work only if you are committed to your practice. If you are not, then it will be useless. You should not expect to lose weight overnight, but with time and determined effort, you will see that flab melting away.

Ashtanga yoga for weight loss is a unique form of yoga that helps people achieve their ideal body shape. It has numerous benefits while allowing you to burn fat faster. 

The asana sequences in Ashtanga Yoga for weight reduction and raises body heat. It will undoubtedly burn a pound or two if combined with physically demanding exercises. 

However, it is not simply the breathing or Ujjayi exercises that give people a weight loss advantage.


There is no way you can say that one of the most effective and efficient methods for weight loss is not practising yoga. It is a fact that has been proved throughout history and continues to be proven every day.

If you want to lose weight, you will need to spend more time on yoga practice. You pay more time on yoga; you get more results. 

In addition, if you add yoga into your routine, you do not have to spend much time in the gym. 

Yoga is a good teammate for anyone who wants to lose weight, but you must learn its basics. If all of them are well known and understood, yoga can be a powerful ally in any person's health and wellness program.

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