Audra Carmine: Co-founder

What is Yoga?

Yoga is the potent process by which we awaken to our full potential, which is love, which is divine. The practices of yoga ask us to become sensitive explorers of our own beings so that we might begin to distinguish between that which is separate from us--such as habits and patterns--and our essential self, which is always perfect and cannot be changed. The process of transformation that occurs through the practices of yoga, is a matter of clearing away the crud, the dust that settles upon us through the sheer act of living to see a deeper truth, a greater understanding of that which connects us to one another and to the world. Yoga is like defogging the soul window. When this connection to our full potential begins to be explored, on the mat--in the great laboratory of asana practice--and in our relationships and work, we become more awake to the possibility of freedom and joy in our daily lives. 


What are you most interested in sharing?

The cultivation of this awareness through the daily ritual of practice is what interests me.   Mr. Iyengar says, "Never the same pose twice," which is obvious and wonderfully freeing, simultaneously!  We don't have to do it the same way every time, or look exactly like the person next to us in class, or in the yoga magazine at the grocery.  We get to be who we are-- today--on the mat and in our lives, working hard to make space and to live better.  


Currently, I am studying with Christina Sell and benefit greatly from her expereince, wisdom, guidance and continued support. Teaching has shown me that it is absolutely necessary to be a perpetual student. Joyfully, I study everyday with my students, my family, my books, my asana practice and my life.


 As I continue to learn and practice, the line between yoga and the rest of my life has softened and blurred, affording me the opportunity to share my love of yoga with you, day after day. I cannot adequetly express how humbling it is to wake up everyday knowing that this is my work, my offering of love in this world.  Thank you!

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