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When Is The Best Time Of Day To Practice Bikram Yoga

Have you been practising Bikram yoga recently? But do you know the best time to do it? 

Knowing when to practice is best is essential, as not practising might diminish your benefits instead of regularly practising. 

The article talks about what factors can help you decide on a good time for you and other important information about practising yoga regularly.

Several yoga factors have been identified as affecting the benefits of yoga. If you have never practised yoga before or have been practising for a shorter period, it is highly recommended to do a few hours a day, but try and start slowly. 

Is it better to do hot yoga in the morning or evening?
For example, if you had not practised Bikram for a very long time, it would be ideal, to begin with, one hour after breakfast and then slowly build on your duration each day. 

If you are practising for over a month, we suggest you start practising for 1 hour in the morning and  1 hour in the evening. You can gradually add time to your duration. 

One of the critical factors to consider when choosing your time of day to practice is how your body will respond to different times of the day.

 Yoga’s positive effects are based on many factors, including the individual’s age, current health condition, and how they can best work with their bodies. 

Also, some individuals may be more flexible than others, and it would help if you ask yourself what would be more comfortable for you in practising yoga. 

Finally, the factors that help determine the best time of the day to practice yoga include temperature, humidity, sunrise, and how you will feel.

The body's ability to perform yoga mainly depends on the environment in which the body is practising. 

The temperature of the air, water, and food taken in affects how well your body can perform yoga.

If you are practising Bikram at different times of the day, look into the temperature each time. Do not practice yoga during extreme hot or cold temperatures, as this can cause muscle cramps and other health issues. 

The temperature also determines how comfortable you will be holding poses for a more extended period. 

So which is the best time to practice Bikram yoga?

The best time to practice Bikram yoga is in the morning when your body is fresh. The benefits of practising in the morning are that you are more likely to have fewer distractions, and therefore it may be easier for you to concentrate on your poses. 

But if morning is not convenient for you, another good time is after working hours, especially after a long day at work. It can help relax and loosen your muscles depending on how tense or sore they might be. 
How often should you practice Bikram yoga?

Do not practice Bikram yoga in the evening, as this can be a bit tough on your respiratory system. 

Also, if you were to practice Bikram yoga before going to bed, you would have to wake up at least 1 hour earlier than usual, which might not be feasible for many people.

Practising Bikram Yoga in the morning will help you get more restful sleep. Likewise, it would also help your body relax and feel more energized. This factor can be used to convince your family to practice Bikram yoga too!

I hope this information helps you on your journey to improving your health, fitness, and being flexible!

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