A Guide To Some Of The Best Yoga Apps – Paid And Free

There are so many fantastic apps for yoga and fitness these days.

From the popular app Yogaglo, which tracks your progress daily, to the less-known but equally applicable iFit, there are plenty of tools out there to help you keep track of your fitness goals, find new classes and more.

But how do you find the time to use them? And how much are they worth?

I’ve been experimenting with a handful of yoga apps recently—and I’ve been surprised by how useful each one is. I’ll share my experiences with a few of my favourites in this article—both free and paid. Let’s get started.

5 Minute Yoga 

In a world full of fitness apps, it is often hard to find a solid solution that offers the right balance between user experience and utility.

Is the app just yoga free?
5 Minute yoga is a reliable solution, offering a small number of poses with a strong focus on simplicity. 

The app’s main feature is that it shows you what to do with a timer, so you can keep a steady practice going for the designated length of time.

For a workout with a lower intensity, a five-minute workout is a great way to warm up, or if you're getting into the swing of things.


  • For the advantage of the inexperienced user.
  • The timer function informs you when your workout is complete.
  • Simple activities allow you to exercise whenever you choose.
  • You can understand the workout by using images and thorough descriptions.


  • Only useful for early learners.


  • 4.6 out of 5 stars
  • Although it is free to use, premium monthly or annual subscriptions are required.
  • Compatible with Android smartphones, iPhones, and iPads.
  • Available in ten different languages.
  • The unique timer function notifies you when your training is complete and assists you in carrying out the activity correctly.

Daily yoga app

The Daily Yoga app helps you achieve your fitness goals with personalized programs and classes based on your body type, age, gender, and current fitness level.

The app is based on a proprietary algorithm that continuously analyzes the user's weight, BMI, and body fat percentage and recommends programs for maximum results. 

The app gives you more than 100 yoga and meditation classes to choose from, covering many types of yoga. There are also exclusive daily yoga programs that empower you to reach your daily goals. 

These sessions are divided into beginning, and advanced levels and are designed so that any learner can progress to the next level within two weeks. 

Even tricky yoga positions, such as shoulder stand and master full splits, are taught straightforward and uncomplicatedly. 

If you have any doubts, you can always call the specialists and get them cleared up. When a user meets a goal, he gets reward points and incentives to improve his performance. The app also includes meditative exercises to help you calm down and relax.


  • A straightforward representation of even tricky yoga poses.
  • Daily yoga programs tailored to your needs.
  • Possibility of interacting with yoga specialists
  • Every month, new stuff gets introduced.


  • It may appear costly.
  • High on size can slow down your phone’s performance.


  • There are two subscription choices, each with a distinct price tag.
  • It is possible to install it on an Apple iPhone or an Apple I pad.
  • You can use the community function to debate your ideas with people who share your interests.
  • The community function allows you to discuss your questions and ideas with experts and other users.

iYoga premium

iYoga premium is a powerful app for those who want to experience the benefits of yoga without having to go to a studio.

iYoga premium
It is available for iOS and Android devices and gives you the flexibility to choose among the many poses or create your own.

The app allows you to follow the yoga instructor’s voice instructions while showing you the exact muscles that need a stretch.

You can change the difficulty level by adjusting the speed of the exercise, and it also allows you to save your favourite poses for later use. 

iYoga premium will enable you to watch and learn the exact muscles affected in each pose and is the best way to improve your yoga skills. You can also choose to work out with a friend using your mobile device. 

iYoga premium comes with a premium subscription, which gives you access to a wide variety of yoga exercises and a personalized training program. 


  • While demonstrating a position, all muscles are in use.
  • Drag the poses onto a timeline to create a continuous video.
  • There are several pre-set videos to choose from.


  • Because of its large size, the app requires a high-speed Wi-Fi connection to download.


  • At the Apple iTunes store, the rating is 4+.
  • It is compatible with the iPhone and iPad.
  • The app can also be connected to your Apple TV and seen on screen.
  • Seeing the muscles in action demonstrates how big the stance has on your body.

Pocket Yoga

The company released the Pocket Yoga app in 2016. This app is available on both android and iOS platforms.

It is a simple app, but it does the work well. First, the app provides you with essential information about your exercise. Then, the app offers to choose from 27 different poses that you want to perform. 

The app also keeps a record of your past activity so that you can come back to them and increase your performance.


  • A step-by-step explanation of inhalation and exhalation
  • For each posture, there are detailed descriptions.
  • Two hundred posture photos demonstrating proper posture and alignment.
  • Keep track of the last exercise you completed.


  • According to user feedback, the transition from one posture to the next is fast, making it difficult to interpret.
  • All videos are lengthy, which may be off-putting to some viewers.


  • A user rating of 4.4 on the Google Play store
  • Android, iOS, Mac, and Windows Phone are all supported.
  • It costs $2.99, which is a reasonable price.
  • Breath control is critical in yoga. Pocket yoga is popular among some users since it shows how long to inhale and exhale each time.

Down Dog: Great Yoga Anywhere

In fitness apps, the competition is fierce, where Down Dog comes in. While the app’s primary aim is to create a truly unique yoga experience, it is backed by the best developers in the industry. 

Is Down Dog Yoga app free?
If you want a full-fledged yoga app with more than 50 free workouts, you will have to spend some money. However, if you are looking for something that lets you practice yoga anywhere at any time, then Down Dog is an affordable option.

The developer of Down Dog also makes the well-known yoga app Yoga Journal. It has a massive library of content and is a popular choice amongst those serious about their practice. In addition, down Dog is available on all the major platforms, making it an even better option.


  • Every day, a new vinyasa sequence develops.
  • Yoga is made more enjoyable by well-matched sequences
  • Music that complements the exercise offered


  • The premium version is more expensive, but it includes more features.
  • Occasionally encounters starting issues.


  • Google Play has a rating of 4.9 stars.
  • Even though the app’s additional features are free, you may always upgrade to a premium subscription.
  • iOS and Android versions are available.
  • The precisely synchronized sequences and music allow you to continue exercising even when not looking at the app.

Yoga studio

Yoga Studio is a simple and easy-to-use yoga app that combines yoga with intelligent technology. It gives you a complete set of yoga exercises that you can choose from to help you achieve your personal fitness goals. 

You can choose from 65 yoga classes ranging from Beginner to Advanced. You can also schedule the classes and add them to your calendar later. In addition, the app includes a variety of yoga workouts. 

With Yoga Studio, you can create videos of different exercises, such as Poses, Yoga Clips, Stretching, Core Training, and Strength & Flexibility. You can also use the Smart Link feature to find the best combination of exercises.


  • Schedule your classes according to your available time.
  • Create an unlimited number of classes based on the level required.
  • A professional educator created and delivered the performance.
  • Navigation is intuitive and straightforward.


  • People who strictly adhere to a yoga program may be dissatisfied with the diversity available.
  • It does not provide the impression of being in a yoga class. 


  • Priced modestly at $4.99, with a user rating of 4.8 and installs ranging from 50,000 to 100,000.
  • Can download in Apple iTunes, Google Play, and Windows 10 
  • The video stitch tool creates a free-flowing video of each class created by the user. It appears to benefit disguise if you desire to move from one type to another.

Yoga.com Studio

Yoga.com Studio is a premium app for yoga enthusiasts. It offers a range of content, including videos, workouts, articles, and more. 

How much does the yoga studio app cost?
You can create your workout routine from a collection of Yoga classes, and there's even a dedicated section to help you learn the essential elements of yoga. 

With the free version of the app, you can view the yoga content for free but not create your workouts.


  • Android and Apple iTunes versions are both available.
  • Both are free, with the option of making in-app purchases.


  • You cannot personalize your yoga routines.
  • Occasionally, downloading the app may cause your phone to slow down.


  • 289 Yoga is made simple by poses and basic breathing techniques.
  • HD video demos aid in a better understanding of the poses.
  • Thirty-seven pre-installed programs to meet the needs of every user.
  • There is a program for every type of training.
  • The 3D muscle function lets the user know how to execute the position thoroughly.

Universal breathing – Pranayama

Universal breathing is a yoga app that uses sound and breathing techniques to help you improve your physical, mental, and spiritual well-being. The app has three levels that progressively lead you through effective breathing practice. 

For example, the first level focuses on breathing slower to slow your heart rate and relax muscles.

The second level is for more advanced users who want to control their breath and master deep breathing. It is where you will learn to hold your breath and practise deep diaphragmatic breathing. 

At this level, you can also perform a simple meditation and learn to focus on a single object, like a candle flame, without straining your eyes or focusing on anything else.

The third level is for those who are more experienced with the app and want to challenge themselves to improve their breathing technique.

At this level, you can practice advanced techniques to help you reach a trance state and achieve meditative states.


It soothes the body and relaxes the mind.

There are three levels of breathing exercises, each with many stages.

Allows you to personalize your breathing session.


You cannot track customized sessions each time you check-in.

If left in the middle, it pauses on its own and continues to operate, using battery power.


  • 4.3 out of 5 stars from Android users
  • Supports Android, Nook, Mac, and iOS platforms
  • The cost was $4.99.
  • Customized training sessions can assist you in keeping your breathing under control.

Sworkit app

Sworkit is a personal fitness coach that teaches you how to work out in less time. The app offers six-week customized workouts for different targets like getting “leaner,” “fitter,” or “stronger.” 

What happened to Sworkit?
In addition, there is an extensive collection of exercises that you can modify to make your program. Professional trainers create all of the workout plans, and it is effortless to locate a suitable plan for your own.

Furthermore, you can always contact sports trainers, physical therapists, or PE teachers. This feature, however, is only available if you purchase a premium membership to the app.


  • There are more than 50 routines to choose from.
  • Various plans are available to meet a variety of purposes.
  • All of the workouts are designed by skilled professionals.


  • It is significant, making it difficult to download.
  • The music is sometimes too loud to hear the instructions.


  • The Apple store has a rating of 4.8.
  • Premium features are available for a monthly subscription fee of $7.99.
  • Downloadable for Android, iOS, and web browsers.
  • With nearly 50 training regimens available, it’s difficult not to choose one that best meets your needs.

Yogatailor Yoga and meditation

The Yogatailor Yoga and Meditation app give you a wide range of workout options, all of them designed to help you improve your health and well-being.

Yogatailor Yoga and meditation
You can use the app to do yoga and meditation exercises, and you can even schedule workouts for later.

Several classes are available, including prenatal yoga, restorative yoga, meditation, and more. These are all divided into sessions lasting around 7 to 50 minutes to do according to your convenience.

If you're looking for a complete fitness program, you can also try the app's Workout Scheduler feature, which lets you plan your next workout.


  • There are many sequences to choose from.
  • Schedule your workout videos for the following day.
  • Workouts tailored to the learner’s skill level


  • On iOS, there is a 15-day free trial, after which it costs $2.99 per month. After that, the app is free for three months in the Google Play store.


  • A 4.6 rating on the Google Play Store
  • It is available for download on both Android and iOS devices.
  • It is also possible to use it through their website http://www.yogatailor.com/.
  • Meditation movies in various situations assist people in relaxing and calming themselves.


Being a fitness app, there are no limitations regarding the number of workout options. The list continues to grow, and it will become easier to choose from the best fitness apps. 

When selecting the best yoga app, you should consider what you want to achieve. If you need personalized courses, you can look for apps with very high ratings. 

Another important thing is to buy the right yoga app that suits your schedule and cost. You will find deals on some apps and free past versions of others. Try not to compromise on quality and design to get a cheap one or a free version. 

Remember that the best yoga app would be easy to use and offer you a wide range of exercises!

I hope this article helped you choose your favourite yoga app. Thank you for reading, and don’t forget to share and comment!

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