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How To Become a Bikram Yoga Instructor

If you’ve ever tried Bikram Yoga, you know it’s not for everybody.

However, if you have the right mindset, personality, and work ethic, you can make a great living teaching people this ancient and fantastic exercise. 

This article will give you a very brief overview of what it takes to become a Bikram Yoga instructor. 

Let’s begin! 

Become the student

How much does a Bikram yoga instructor make?

First and foremost, you must be a student. If you think you can show up to a Bikram class for the first time and pick up the postures, then guess again. To become a Bikram Yoga instructor, you need to know what you’re doing.

There's a reason why it's called the primary series of yoga. It's because certain postures need to be learned in a specific order. 

So if you show up to a first-time first-level class and you want to teach the first level, don’t be surprised if the Bikram Yoga instructor tells you to sit down. You need to learn how to teach yourself first.

Get certified

After you’ve gone through the primary series of courses (through Bikram Yoga or with another instructor), it’s time to get certified. Several excellent schools teach Bikram Yoga, and I highly recommend finding one near you.

You may also find online classes and videos available. For example, check out Youtube and search for "Bikram Yoga classes" or "Bikram yoga teacher training." There's a wealth of information available, and I HIGHLY recommend taking advantage of it.


Bikram Yoga training includes the benefits of postures, therapeutic application, asanas (poses), alignment, nutrition, and human anatomy and physiology. 

You will require nine weeks of study and 500 hours of coursework for Bikram instructor training. It consists of a large number of Bikram classes in the program. 

Therefore, before enrolling, you should be prepared to devote the time necessary to understanding the course contents and completing the program.

Finding work

When you complete the course, it’s wise to seek employment with schools that offer Bikram Yoga training. Check with your local yoga class, gym, health club, or YMCA to see if any positions are available.

You can instruct private clients if you've established a following. You can usually earn more money with individual clients because you won't split your earnings with a yoga studio or a health club. 

Because Bikram yoga is such a specialized style of yoga, you may need to relocate to a different place to obtain work as a Bikram instructor.


The benefits of becoming a Bikram Yoga instructor are pretty impressive. You’ll experience a great sense of accomplishment, feel more in control of your life, and receive an income for the work you put into it. 

Does Bikram still do teacher training?
The Bikram program is also revolutionary because it combines several different yoga styles into one program. 

While other yoga programs are out there that combine similar techniques, none of them is as comprehensive as Bikram Yoga!


Should I become a Bikram yoga teacher?

If you want to teach Bikram Yoga, you should be prepared to make significant personal sacrifices. It requires dedication to the art form and great emotional discipline. 

Most importantly, Bikram has strict rules regarding the transmission of knowledge. You can't teach unless you've personally gone through the primary series of classes. 

It means that you must take the time to learn. The course is challenging and takes months to complete.

How many hours is Bikram yoga teacher training?

The program consists of nine weeks of coursework, plus 200-500 hours of training. Expect to devote the time necessary to learn the curriculum and complete the class requirements.

What do you need to be able to teach Bikram yoga?

You must have gone through the primary series of classes. The primary series is eight weeks long and consists of 28+1 postures. 

You also need to demonstrate excellent alignment and be able to perform the postures without injury. 

Incredible physical strength, mental focus, and composure are also necessary. Finally, you must be able to communicate the benefits of Bikram yoga effectively.

Bikram yoga license, how much is it?

The license can range from $500 to $5,000, depending on the organization offering the certification. 

Several influential organizations offer Bikram Yoga instructor training. Do your research and choose the one that you feel best aligns with your values and beliefs.

How much do Bikram yoga instructors make?

Yoga instructors’ hourly wages have been reported to range from $7.25 to $74.25 per hour. In addition, instructors may receive a portion of the studio’s profits from book sales or private yoga classes given outside of the training set.

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