November 27, 2017

You may be familiar with that feeling of walking into your favorite yoga studio and immediately being met with a sense of calm and ease. The smell, the lighting, the sounds, the overall energy of the space does something to you. 

What helps a space feel inviting and safe? How can we recreate this at home? Producing a more peaceful environment, that you want to in leads to more self care. Self care comes through in our relationships, we become better friends, lovers, parents, and human beings. Studies show when we feel at ease in our environment, when we can fully relax our nervous system responds to that in a positive way. 

Below we have narrowed it down to what we think could help you create your own yoga sanctuary at home:

1. Simplify - You may have read or come across the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up. This book changed me perception of stuff, things. I started to look at what was taking up space in my home, taking up room, energy.  What...

November 9, 2017

Bone broth is an ancient food that many cultures have made a consistent part of their diet for ages. 

The benefits of bone broth are remarkable and extensive. Everything from being high in amino acids, rich in collagen, helping boost the immune system, aids in leaky gut syndrome and has been shown to help overcome food intolerances. Below are some advantages of consuming bone broth and why you may want to consider saving those bones after Thanksgiving!

1. PROTECTS THE JOINTS -  Bone broth is one of the foods highest in collagen that our body can easily absorb. Collagen is the protein found in vertebrae from animals. As we get older naturally we loose cartilage as it gets attacked by antibodies. As you cook bone broth and it simmers for hours, collagen from the bones is released and more easily absorbed in our own body helping to restore cartilage. 

2. GOOD FOR THE GUT - Bone broth is high in gelatin which studies have shown can help rebuild the lining of...

November 2, 2017

Starting your morning with loving intention is one of the best gifts you can give to yourself. It helps to ground and center yourself before taking on all the things life has to throw at you. I personally try to wake up just a little bit early to begin every day with a few simple mindful practices. You only need 30 minutes for the following, I guarantee it will have a powerful impact on your entire day. Give it a try! 


Make your favorite cup of tea/coffee/hot water with lemon and find the coziest corner of your home to write. Find and create a space that feels special to you. 


Use a timer and start with 5 minutes of a “brain dump” / free-form writing. Just get words on a page, even if they don't make sense.

After the five minutes, pause to check in with yourself and see if there is anything you need in this moment. Write it down. My teacher taught me a trick called “PIES”. You check in with your Physi...

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