June 22, 2016

Before landing in my current grab-bag of a profession--yoga teacher/studio owner/writer/educator--I remember being in complete awe of how yoga teachers seemed to have such a fluid grasp of sanskrit, yogic philosophy, therapy styles, asana, anatomy, and most importantly for me at the time, poetry. There was this beautiful renaissance quality--a true embracing of many modalities and realms of creativity--that really spoke to me.  And, where in the world did they find all of these poems? How did they know about Rumi and Hafiz?  Who was this Mark Nepo?  

The education I received, prior to my yogic education, was steeped in the romantics-- writers like Wordsworth, Coleridge and the two Shelley's.  I wrote an 80 page, passionate thesis, on The Bronte sisters.  I loved the ideas conjured by the word moor, the vast barren landscape, full of possibility yet empty at the same time--naturally inclined toward tragedy and redemption.  There was a certain quality of...

June 3, 2015

Normally, when I sit down to write a blog post, I begin with some sort of big idea, revelation or declaration that makes a clear and concise point. As I sit here in the woods outside of San Marcos, Texas after having spent five days doing 30 hours of asana, hours of chanting mantra, seemingly endless meditation (you know it feels like that sometimes) and a good dose of writing and reflection everyday, I feel calm and really, really tired. Not only that, I have so opened myself to the universe that makes up a yoga asana intensive – new people, new poses, new ways of looking at the practice and myself – that nothing feels sure, except for the process of practice.

There has been a lot of conversation during this intensive about how lucky we are to have a teacher who is, as my fellow student Livia Cohen Shapiro so intelligently phrased it, “smart, but relaxed.” When she said this during our closing circle, we all laughed, because we understood how true it is. C...

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