July 31, 2015

 I am writing this for the me out there that was longing but unsure. The me out there, that 9 years ago ached for something that felt like I wasn't good enough to actually have. The me that was broken and scared and hurting but was also being saved by the practices of Yoga. The me out there who felt discouraged by yogis who seemed to have some sort of supernatural power of calm and grace that I did not even remotely know how to tap into. This is for the me out there who was given the message multiple times that I needed to fill in the blank with some thing that I didn't have or hadn't done first before I could teach yoga. The me out there that thought that I could not possibly deserve a spot in a teacher training let alone actually end up teaching.  


When I finally worked up enough courage to take a training, the common rhetoric was that yoga teacher trainings were not really about becoming a yoga teacher. That they were about all of these other things. I...

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