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Thinking Of Buying Beta Brand Yoga Pants – Read This Review

Betabrand yoga pants review: Are they legit?

Nowadays, people do not wear just yoga pants for their sessions. They’re wearing them to run errands, and even to go to the office. That means yoga pants need to be versatile, durable, and stylish enough for the non-yoga activities of modern life.

And that's where Dress Pant Yoga Pants come in. These pants have been designed specifically with the needs of the modern woman in mind. 

They’re made from a super-soft performance knit that stretches with your body, move with your active lifestyle, and stays looking fresh and crisp for days.

With their easy-to-adjust belt loops, hidden button fly, and easy-to-grab interior pockets, these slacks will quickly become your favourite work pants!

About Betabrand

Betabrand is a San Francisco-based apparel company that creates dresses, sweaters, and a midi skirt/Capri hybrid known as the “sassiest pant.” 

Is Betabrand worth the money?
They use customer voting and crowdsourcing to choose some of the designs. However, its significant and unique product is pants: the Dress Pant Yoga Pants.

For a price of $68 and above, the aim is to combine the most pleasing aspects of the pants-wearing experience while avoiding buttons and zippers.


  • High-quality fabric that wicks moisture and has flexibility on all sides. It stretches readily and does not distort easily. It is a soft yet stretchy faux wool that’s comfortable all day long.
  • Hidden side pockets, so no unbuttoning to reach your phone or wallet. The two fabric panels are also water-resistant so that you can brush off any waterspouts or spills easily.
  • Mesh design: Breathable hole design, breathable sweat, increases design sense.
  • Slim tailoring: A slim tailoring style matches the body’s curves.


  • 4-way stretch wrinkle-resistant Ponte fabric
  • Washable in the washing machine
  • The waistline is 1.5 inches wide and has an elastic waistband.
  • Loops for belts
  • There are several designs to select from.
  • Stretchy without drooping
  • Can be worn for both work and exercise 
  • Enhances the appearance of the legs and buttocks 
  • Warmer than standard leggings due to their thickness 
  • Frequent first-order discounts


  • Pricey
  • The pants with pockets are an additional cost
  • The standard pair’s fake pockets are a bit apparent
  • Many reviewers believe small sizes are still excessively lengthy.


Are Betabrand pants worth it?

These trousers are entirely worth it for individuals who value comfort and anticipate wearing yoga dress pants at least once a week. In addition, these yoga work pants will undoubtedly provide you with the highest cost per wear.

How do I return Betabrand pants?

Betabrand offers a no-hassle 60-day return policy. You will get either a 110 per cent shop credit or a refund to your payment method.

What is the difference between ‘Petite,’ ‘Long,’ and ‘Regular’ sizes for Betabrand yoga pants?

The only variation between sizes is the length of the inseam; the waist, rise, and thigh dimensions are all the same. For example, the following are the measurements: Petite – 28′′, Petite – 30′′, Regular – 32′′, Long – 34′′. 

Are Betabrand pants work appropriate?

Absolutely! Betabrand pants are acceptable for the workplace. 

Can you dry Betabrand pants?

Yes, you may dry Betabrand pants in the dryer. However, it is advised that you hang your dress pant yoga trousers to dry to guarantee their lifespan.

Customer Reviews

Are Betabrand pants flattering?

Review 1: I was highly impressed with the quality of the Betabrand Yoga pants. They felt soft and smooth the first time they went on, and I kept them comfortable all day long! Best of all, they were effortless to wipe clean after they got a little messy. They were super comfortable and looked great, too!* 

Review 2: I was looking for everyday pants appropriate for gym, running, and just casual wearing.


  • Lululemon pants are well known for their yoga pants, but they are pricey.
  • The Banana Republic has a great selection of pants, sweaters, and other stylish and comfortable items.
  • Nordstrom occasionally has attractive styles of pants at a reasonable price.


As with all products, there are pros and cons to these Betabrand yoga pants. If you’re willing to shell out the money, these pants have a lot of quality material that will last you many years. 

You can wash them whenever necessary if they get too dirty. You can also wear them to the gym or even at work if you would like. They aren't the cheapest pants that you can buy, but it's an excellent investment!

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