In my classes, you can expect to unite your breath and body, and move with joy. I seek to provide students with enough options to meet their body and mind where it is in that moment, creating the space to listen in and move with presence.  I hope for students to leave my class feeling nourished and supported, ready to face the world around them.


To me, yoga is home. It’s a practice that evokes real and true emotion and teaches me things about myself that I can take off the mat. It’s the sweet and juicy openness that comes with being present, the fire that builds inside your body when you are moving in sync with your breath and the non-judgemental love and connection that pushes us to grow and learn.  


I am inspired in my teaching by the resiliency of people around the world to grow, change, learn and love.  My teachers Kelly Sunrose, Jessica Garay, and Audra Carmine inspire me to go deep and explore, grow in the vulnerable, and never stop learning.

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