Camping Mat For Yoga

Can I Use a Camping Mat For Yoga?

Are you tired of spending hours in a cramped room with no space to stretch your limbs?

There are many reasons you should consider using a camping mat for yoga. 

For example, if you're a beginner, you may be worried that you won't be able to do some of the poses. 

But the good news is, you don’t need to worry about that because you can easily use a camping mat for yoga.

The problem is that most people are not aware that camping mats are a great alternative to yoga mats. So they end up using them as yoga mats and then get injured when they try to stretch their limbs.

In this article, I will show you how you can use a camping mat for yoga. And I’m going to show you how you can use it even if you’re a beginner.

So if you want to start using a camping mat for yoga now, then read on...

What is a camping mat?

A camping mat is a mat made of breathable material. It’s usually rectangular and used to avoid slipping on the ground during yoga or meditation.

It works very simply: you place it over a carpet or hardwood floor and then do your yoga poses on it.
Do you need a camping mat?

You can find camping mats in most yoga studios these days.

But the problem is that most people are not aware that they're also helpful for non-yoga exercises. 

And that’s why they avoid using them as exercise mats instead of using them as yoga mats. 

Things to Keep in Mind for Using a camping mat for yoga

Here are some tips that you should consider when using a camping mat for yoga.


If you live in a cold area, then the first thing that you should consider is insulation. In other words, you must make sure that your camping mat has heat-retaining properties.

When choosing a camping mat for yoga, it's better if it can retain the warmth from your body.

And this is important because if your body cannot retain its heat while doing exercises on a camping mat, then the blood circulation inside your legs will be affected, resulting in cramps or even injuries.

The best way to check whether or not your camping mat has insulation properties is to see how long it takes for the air temperature to cool down after placing an ice cube on it. 

For example, the carpet with good insulation properties will take a long time to cool down.


Another important thing you should consider when using a camping mat for yoga is portability.

It is so important to have a portable camping mat for yoga because you may have to do your exercises at the office or in your home. In such situations, it's better if you have a portable camping mat.

One way to check whether or not a camping mat is portable is to check its weight and folding size.

If you find the importance to be too heavy and the folding size too big, it won't be easy to carry around. 

Another thing that you should look at is its durability. In simple words, if it’s durable, then it won’t break easily. 


Of course, there are more things that you should consider when using a camping mat for yoga. For example, you should also make sure that it is comfortable to lie down on it.

So how can you make sure that a camping mat is comfortable to lie down on? 

One way is to see if you sit on it for hours without discomfort in your back and legs. The best way to check its comfort level is to take a test drive by sitting or lying down on it at the store before making the purchase. 

What Is The Difference Between a Yoga Mat and a Camping Mattress?

It’s important to know that a camping mat is not the same as a yoga mat. The difference between them is that while a camping mat is just a piece of foam, a yoga mat has additional features like a non-slip surface, water absorption, and carrying strap. So let us define these differences.

Yoga Mat

Non Slip, Pilates Fitness Mats, Eco Friendly, Anti-Tear 1/4" Thick Yoga Mats for Women, Exercise Mats for Home Workout with Carrying Sling (72"x24", Parfait Pink & Gray)
  • ECO-FRIENDLY TPE MATERIAL - Our UMINEUX yoga mat is made from TPE material, which is no PVC and irritating smell, as well as more soft, skin-friendly and light weight. Recyclable and avoid environmental pollution.
  • DOUBLE NON-SLIP DESIGN - This workout mat has double-sided non-slip surfaces. Wavy undersides make excellent traction on the floor. It unrolls pretty flat and stays put. Special textured surface prevents your hands and feet from sliding when you sweat on it.
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  • FREE CARRY STRAP & STORAGE BAG - No need to go buy a yoga carrying strap and bag. Easy to carry your yoga mat around with.
  • CARE INSTRUCTION - 1.Clean with damp cloth (cold water) or mild detergent, dry flat. 2.Do not use a washing machine or dryer or exposed to the sun for extended periods of time. 3.Designed for barefoot exercise. Your shoes or your pets' paws may tear the mat.

A yoga mat is a mat that you place on top of another carpet or hardwood floor. It is usually made of sticky or non-sticky material, ensuring that you don’t slip during your yoga poses.

What is the right thickness for a yoga mat?
However, some people claim that using a sticky yoga mat isn't safe because it leaves residues on the floor after you use it.

But if you ask me, I’m going to tell you that those are just myths because my friend uses a sticky yoga mat each day and hasn’t left any residue on the floor yet.

Camping Mat

A camping mat is a rectangular piece of foam. It’s used to avoid slipping on the ground during exercise sessions like yoga or meditation. 

You can find camping mats in most gyms these days. You can also find them in physical stores, but the problem is most people don't know that they're also great for yoga exercises.

Is sleeping on a Yoga Mat Good for You?

Yes, sleeping on a yoga mat is good because it helps in keeping you cool during the night. And this is important because if your body temperature rises during the night, then your heart rate will increase, making it difficult for you to fall asleep.

But it's not always necessary to do yoga exercises during the day to use a yoga mat as a sleeping pad. You can sleep on it any time of the day if you want to get relief from somebody's pain. 

And if you live in a cold area and only want to buy a camping mat for sleeping, you should make sure that it has insulation properties capable of retaining heat.

Because if it does not have good insulation properties, you will feel cold during the night, resulting in no relief from your body pain. 

Some List of Yoga Mat

If you’re still having problems finding the best yoga mat for a beginner, then look at these lists of yoga mats.

They are made of the best materials you can see in the market. And they will not disappoint you.

Bikram Yoga Mat:

This mat is made of premium cotton fabric and is impregnated with recycled latex. It makes the mat to be durable and non-slip.

What yoga mat is best for hot yoga?
It has a very soft touch, and it is nice to lie down on it, so you can improve your relaxation levels while doing yoga exercises. 

The Bikram yoga mat is also perfect for sensitive souls because the material is hypoallergenic. Another good thing about this mat is that it’s very lightweight, and you can carry it around if you want to bring your yoga sessions to the office or at home.

Camp-L Yoga Mat:

 If you’re looking for mats for camping that can help you do yoga exercises, look no further because this Camp-L yoga mat is just what you need.

It's made of durable PVC material, and it has anti-slip properties that are capable of protecting your body from pain. 

In addition, the Camp-L yoga mat has a very nice touch, and it will stay cool no matter how many times you use it. It makes them so popular among people who have sensitive bodies and souls. 

You can also use this mat for doing ten-minute exercise sessions at home or office. And one thing that I like about this mat is that it's effortless to clean.

Balance from Go yoga:

The Balance from Go yoga mat is designed with PVC material. This material makes it very durable, lightweight, and resistant to stains. And it can be folded easily if you want to bring it around or if you want to store it when not in use.

So what makes this mat so unique? Well, one thing is its texture. It's made of a textured surface that ensures comfort for your body and soul each time you use this mat. 

Plus, the mat has good insulation properties that provide the body remains cool during exercise sessions. The best part about this mat is that you can clean it easily by wiping it with a damp cloth.

Gaiam essential thicker yoga mat:

Gaiam Essentials Thick Yoga Mat Fitness & Exercise Mat with Easy-Cinch Carrier Strap, Black, 72"L X 24"W X 2/5 Inch Thick
  • FITNESS & EXERCISE MAT: Classic yoga mat is great for all types of fitness and exercise routines including yoga, Pilates and any floor exercise where additional cushion and support is appreciated.
  • EXTRA THICK YOGA MAT: These 2/5 inch exercise mats make for the ideal all purpose fitness mat in the studio or at home, even around the house under knees or as a standing pad or cushion.
  • SOFT CUSHION: This yoga mat made of NBR foam is designed to provide soft cushioning with the padded material for comfortable stretching and posing - an ideal yoga mat for beginners with comfort in mind.
  • INCLUDES YOGA MAT CARRIER STRAP: Included with your yoga mat is a carrying strap so you can strap up your mat and go.
  • DIMENSIONS: 72 inches L x 24 inches W x 2/5 Inch (3.11 pounds).

If you’re looking for a mat that has a suitable thickness, then I recommend the Gaiam essential thick yoga mat.

What is the thickest Gaiam yoga mat?
This yoga mat has non-slip properties that can reduce the risk of slipping during your poses. You will surely like its soft texture because it is premium cotton fabric. 

And you will also love its ability to stay cool no matter how many times you use this mat. It makes it impervious to heat no matter where you are, so there’s no danger of getting burnt by hot temperatures during exercise sessions. 

If you have a sensitive body, this is a good choice for you because both men and women can use it without getting irritated by its touchiness.


Camping mats have always been a good choice for people who want to improve their body strength and flexibility on camping trips.

But now, it's time for you to get one because it's also a good choice if you want to get relief from your body pain.

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