yoga be done after drinking water

Can Yoga Be Done After Drinking Water

Yoga is one of the most impressive physical and mental activities that you can do.

It has also been renowned for centuries as a complementary therapy for many disorders, from improving respiration to helping with asthma. 

However, a common question asks whether or not you can do yoga after drinking water which leads me to explore how yoga affects hydration levels in your body. 

So let’s explore this question and its answers!

How is Hydration Achieved?

The two most common ways to keep yourself hydrated are drinking a lot of water and eating foods that are high in water. 

What happens when you hydrate your body?
When your body is dehydrated, it signals more water by producing more urine than usual. It can be corrected by replacing the needed fluids and electrolytes in your body without taking a break from doing yoga. 

The simplest way is to practice yoga in a room with a humidifier or to do the sequence outside if the weather permits it.

Water and Hydration:

As per scientific research, drinking water is necessary to hydrate your body, though you need to drink only when thirsty.

Drinking water while not thirsty can over hydrate your body, leading to other complications. 

If you drink water before getting dehydrated, it is like having a credit card overdraw. On the other hand, if you are physically active, it will take more water than usual to keep your fluids balanced and prevent dehydration.

Benefits of Hydration:

One of the most notable benefits of water is that it helps your body remove waste and toxins more efficiently. Regularly drinking water can help you look younger and reduce fat in your body. 

What are 5 benefits of properly hydrating?
Water hydrates your skin and keeps it looking radiant. It also helps your body function better by boosting metabolism, boosting weight loss efforts.

Can yoga be done after drinking water?

Yes, you can do yoga after drinking water. If you practice yoga regularly, drinking more water than usual is essential.

How much water should I drink before yoga?
If you feel thirsty during your practice, make sure you drink water only when needed and not more than necessary. 

Once you start getting dehydrated, feel free to drink up as much as required. When you think that you have accumulated enough water, start drinking a little less and then go back to your regular pattern of drinking.

Avoid drinking water during yoga inversions, as this can increase the risk of getting yourself dizzy while doing poses that are upside down. However, it is recommended to sip water during or after inverted asanas.

It is also essential to avoid energy drinks or alcohol during yoga as they dehydrate your body. On the other hand, liquor also prevents proper water absorption, leading to more dehydration.

It is also wise to avoid practising yoga in hot weather, which lowers your body's temperature, leading to more dehydration. 

On the other hand, always make sure that you drink water before and after yoga practice in a scorching climate.

To avoid dehydration and other complications during yoga, it is essential to drink water regularly. It is necessary for people who practice yoga regularly due to their high sweat levels throughout the practice. 

In addition, yoga poses effectively reduce the stress on your body’s muscles and joints without causing any pain.

Can we drink water before exercise?
After your diet becomes balanced and you start eating less, it will be a little challenging to follow a high-protein meal that includes meat as it increases urine production in the body. In such a case, a high-calorie vegetable soup is advisable.

In the same way, you must drink more water when your physical activity increases as it makes your body sweat out more.

If you are physically active in hot weather, it is essential to drink plenty of water to avoid dehydration.


So, the answer to whether or not you can do yoga after drinking water is a YES. But it is essential to understand when to drink more water and when to drink less to avoid complications.

Once you know this and start drinking water regularly, you will follow a healthy and balanced diet and yoga practice.

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