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Wish To Increase From Inches – Try These Yoga Poses

Yoga is popularly known to deliver great physical and mental benefits, but does Yoga Make You Taller? Well, you are not the only individual if this question pops into your head now and again. 

Research has shown that taller people are more confident and have high self-esteem. Therefore, it makes sense that many people with short stature would want to add a few inches in height.

As we grow older, it is also said that there is little that can still be done to increase our height and that from adolescence onwards we will always be the same height

Although we are often told to be satisfied with what we have, there may be expectations.  We can’t help but wonder if there is a way to increase our height, even by a few inches. The question here is, Can Yoga do this for us? 

Before you start your grow taller yoga journey, make sure you read this article that will reveal the truth.

Can Yoga Make You Taller?

A short answer would be “Yes” and “No.”

Yoga won't directly make you taller by increasing some extra inches, but it will help you become stronger, increase flexibility, most importantly it will help you change your poor posture. 

This is a good confidence boost before going out to meet people. 

How Can Yoga Increase Your Height?

Remember that yoga may not make you taller, but it can help you feel taller, look taller, and improve your posture. Yoga teaches us how to stand tall, carry our shoulders high. 

How much taller can you get from yoga?
It's important to honour the vertical axis of our spine rather than bend forward or backwards at the expense of the cervical curve of our upper back. 

Moving into poses that take our attention away from our lower back relaxes it into the “neutral” position. Yoga practitioners often have a more upright posture than the average person.

Even though your lower body also plays a role, the most effective lengthening role is felt in your upper body. 

Yoga exercises are excellent to improve your posture.  By incorporating it into your daily routine, you’ll be able to stand up straight and tall.

As you get older, your body will experience muscle degeneration and height loss. Yoga postures can help you prevent these conditions by enhancing your flexibility, keeping your entire body active, and sustaining muscle strength.

These benefits could indirectly add an inch or so to your height. As a result, you may notice an added length in your spine, which gives the appearance of being taller. This will also improve your posture.

But while it's true that yoga will not make you taller, it can surely help you to be more confident. 

Which Yoga Practice is Best for Increasing Your Height?

There are various types of yoga, but it is important to ensure that you fully complement your yoga practice with the benefits you desire and some ideal height.

I recommend yoga poses that mainly focus on expanding and lengthening the spine, shoulders and shoulder blades, lower back, and hips to fully work on releasing tension in the ligaments and fascia (deep connective tissue and muscles) enclosing your spine. 

Yin yoga is a great style to help you release tension in your deep connective tissues. It also helps align your spine back into an optimal position. 

What Other Benefits Does Yoga Have?

Besides helping you feel taller, yoga also allows you to stretch your body into different poses that were previously difficult or impossible. 

What yoga poses make you taller?
By elongating your muscles and connecting them deeper to your bones, your overall flexibility is increased. This makes it much easier for your body to reach its maximum height.

You will also feel much calmer and more relaxed. Yoga breathing exercises enhance your energy and can even help you to sleep better.

As we grow older, we lose height due to the degeneration of our body's cells and muscles. Yoga can help prevent this from happening by strengthening your muscles and resisting cell damage with regular stretching. 

If you feel like something is missing in your life or just want to change something, it is time for you to try out yoga.

Your body and mind will appreciate the benefits it has to offer.


Most people stop growing taller by the time they turn 20, but you can take steps to help ensure that your height is maintained like incorporating yoga and a healthy diet.

Yoga improves posture by strengthening muscles, aligning bones, and stabilizing joints, making you feel taller!

While the practice won’t increase your skeletal height, it can help you maximize your potential to stand as tall as possible.

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