In my classes, you can expect quietude, de-escalation of your nervous system, breathwork,

connection to nature, playfulness, poetry, instrumental music, and chanting the universal sound

OM. As your teacher, I will create space for you to be in your own body, to experience yourself

as you are in the moment. I will also collaborate with you to find the right support prop or

readjustment for your individual body, to help you to fully experience the benefits of a pose.

To me, yoga is a way of life, a practice of noticing, staying open and curious, watching my mind,

listening to my body, and embracing my spirit to interweave wholeness. I find it deeply

grounding to practice yoga in community, where we can connect through breath and hold space

for one another. Like my teacher Audra Carmine once said: "stay close to myself in the

proximity of others". By practicing together, we can be present with ourselves in a deeper way.


My teaching is inspired by my teacher Jessica Garay, (whom I studied with to complete my 200

hours at Love Hive Yoga in 2018, and also 25 hours of Restorative Yoga training in 2019); and

her teacher Manorama, who said: "Fall in love again and again, in your practice - like in a good

relationship". I am inspired by my teacher and friend Kady Monroe, who introduced me to Yin

Yoga. Kady inspires me with her softness and creativity. My teaching is also inspired by the

deep river of intuition that resides within us all - may we dip into that river in our practice, both

on and off the mat.

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