In my classes, you can expect a combination of clear alignment-focused instruction with embodied flow. I love to laugh and thread humor through the strong work that we’ll do, as well as make space for quiet reflection and personal exploration. I can get pretty nerdy - excited about the details of our experience and love to share that curiosity with others.


To me, yoga is a practice of integration. Practicing yoga offers us the opportunity to find connection between seemingly opposing forces, integrating effort with ease, challenge with comfort, flexibility with strength, and radical acceptance with the courage to look clearly at where we can grow. By accepting ourselves as we are and engaging in a kind and curious evolution, we can cultivate qualities of heart such as patience, kindness, courage, and tenacity. This practice doesn’t end on the mat, it takes us to the vast corners of our minds and hearts, and leads us outwards towards the complex ways we engage with each other and the world.


I am inspired in my teaching by the many teachers and practitioners I have encountered on the path. I have studied extensively with Christina Sell, who inspires me to stay curious as a life-long learner, to eschew dogma and discover the truth for myself. I have recently started studying with Todd Jackson where I am exploring deeper, more subtle layers of embodiment within my experience. Finally, my personal meditation practice, my relationships to the dear beings in my life (including my awesome dog) and the wild landscapes of the natural world inspire my to show up authentically and with a deep commitment to work towards freedom for all beings.

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