• Buy a gift card or class card to use now or later

  • Keep your Love Hive Membership going. This supports the studio to stay afloat, teachers, and our Yoga Scholarship fund that is giving memberships to those who have lost income. If you have recently lost your income and need support, you can purchase a discounted membership for $45 HERE or please email us if you need more support and we can set something up lovehiveyoga@gmail.com

  • Join us for online streaming events & classes and invite friends



  • Register for the class on our website. If you are not registered, we will not send you a link.

    • Register for classes as you normally would for an in-person class. Go to our class schedule page, or use the MIndBody app or login to your Mindbody account HERE. You will now see an option for each class that says with “Online Live-Streaming” choose this option and register as usual. 

    • If you are on the waitlist for a livestream class, you can't be on the live class call unless a spot opens up, as we can only accommodate 100 people at this time. However, we do send out the recording to everyone, even if they are on the waitlist, so that all students have access. Best practice is to sign up early if that is important you and then you will receive a guaranteed live experience.

    • Make sure your email address is correct in your MindBody account. If it is not correct, then we cannot email you a link.

  • Links for class

    • We are using an integrated software system called FitGrid that sends out links automatically. Look for an email from FitGrid that will have your link to your class. Check your spam folder if you don't see it in your inbox. Email lovehiveonline@gmail.com if you do not receive a link. 

    • If you registered for class early (at least 60 minutes before class start time). You will receive an email one hour before class starts.

    • If you register between class start time and 60 minutes before class starts, you will receive an email with a link from FitGrid a few minutes after you register. This can take 5 - 15 minutes due to the demand on the system. Our recommendation is to sign up earlier than later. 

    • Click on the link and it will prompt you to download the ZOOM video conferencing app if needed or to open the Zoom "meeting" AKA your class in your browser. This app can be used on your phone, tablet or desktop. You do not need to create a Zoom account. Just following the link from your computer or device and it will prompt you through how to join.

  • If you do not get a link

    • We are sending links to the entire class through our email system. There may be delays as we will be doing this manually. Please be patient. 

    • If you still do NOT have the link five minutes before class; email lovehiveyoga@gmail.com and we will respond ASAP with the link.  The sooner you register for class, the better your odds of getting the links on time. If you register at class time, you may have to wait for the link.



How will live streaming payment work?

You will use your memberships, class cards and drop ins as you would if coming to class on any normal day. All prices will stay the same. 


What if I want to take the class but can't make the time? Or if I miss the class?

At the end of each class, everyone who was registered before the class started will be emailed a link to access the recorded class for 24hrs. That way, if something comes up or you can't make the exact class time with your favorite teacher or style of yoga, you can take the class that day at your convenience. 


Why are we not discounting classes offered online?

Our teachers and families depend the income they receive from teaching. We want to be able to continue to pay them for their valuable time and knowledge AND, as a studio, we want to stay open. Losing revenue for a month or more is devastating for a small business like ours that still has many of the same overhead costs that we would have if offering in-person classes. It is our hope that together as a community, our students will help us stay afloat as a business by continuing to attend to your practice and learn from our wonderful teachers. We also recognize that our community is not alone in experiencing financial hardship right now. If you have lost work and are experiencing financial hardship that keeps you from practicing, please check out our YOGA SCHOLARSHIP or email us at lovehiveyoga@gmail.com.


We are so grateful for you and for your support. Thank you for sharing your practice with us and for being in this with us together as a community. Together, we truly believe we can not only make it through this but be stronger for it. To learn more about how we are responding to this health crisis, check out our HEALTH CRISIS FAQ page

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