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Dress Code For Bikram Yoga – What To Wear and What Not!

Bikram Yoga is one of the most challenging forms of exercise that consists of a series of 26 postures, generally done in a room heated to over 100 degrees. 

The series is done in sequential order, usually once a week for several months. This type of exercise is excellent for shaping and toning your body. It works out every muscle in your body and increases your energy levels. 

However, it isn't easy to learn and do correctly. That's why it's essential to have the right gear to help you achieve the maximum benefits from this type of exercise.

In this article, I’m going to give you the insider secrets on “what to wear to Bikram yoga” so you can start to enjoy this fantastic workout even before you start working out.

 Let’s get started.

What to Wear to Bikram Yoga?

The best thing you can wear to Bikram Yoga is exceptionally light and flexible clothes made from breathable fabric. It will help your body stay cool while you’re working out. 

What is the best thing to wear to hot yoga?
The extra room in these clothes makes it easier for you to move around during the series of postures. 

We do not recommend wearing cotton clothing because it absorbs sweat and makes you feel hotter. 

In addition to avoiding cotton, it's also essential to prevent any uniform. The uniform makes you feel like a robot because it restricts your movements.

Is there a specific outfit?

Although there is no set dress code for hot yoga, we recommend following the unofficial rule that the less clothing you wear, the better! To get through the 90-minute all Bikram 26 poses sequence class, you’ll need to dress comfortably. 

We propose a sports bra for ladies since it is an excellent choice for two reasons. Wearing a sports bra will not only keep you cool (essential for hot yoga), but it will also allow you to focus on your breathing because your tummy motions will be visible.

Don’t be embarrassed or concerned about your clothing choice; we understand that wearing minimal clothing isn’t for everyone; the most important thing is to wear something that makes you feel comfortable and confident, as yoga is for everyone and everybody. 

For example, long, thick leggings might be uncomfortable for Bikram yoga; instead, you should go for cropped leggings or shorts. When it comes to Bikram yoga, less is more!

What not to wear!

You should avoid cotton clothing at all costs if you want to be comfortable during your hot yoga lesson. 

Cotton clothes can leave you feeling soggy and weighed down in your sweat due to their very absorbent properties - not ideal for doing yoga poses that stress your flexibility and endurance.

We recommend discarding your trainers as well because Bikram yoga is generally practised barefoot. 

Trainers can make you sweat even more (thanks, but this is already hot yoga!) They can throw you off balance and make it difficult to practice.


You don’t need to spend a lot of money on an expensive outfit. Showing up at the studio in comfy clothing is completely fine. When you are comfortable, you are more likely to enjoy your experience.

I hope my advice on what to wear to Bikram yoga was helpful for you. I had a lot of fun writing about this topic, and I'm sure you will enjoy your hot yoga practice even more.


What should you not wear to yoga?

What do men wear to Bikram yoga?

It’s important to know that men can wear whatever they like to Bikram yoga. There’s no dress code for men; they can don their favourite pants and t-shirts to class. They do not need to wear spandex shorts like women (although all girls love men in spandex!).

However, the male students must wear clothing made from material that allows them to stretch easily during the exercises. Of course, they can wear their bathing suits or shorts too. 

Because Bikram yoga can be very challenging, it’s essential to wear loose, lightweight clothing that allows them to move freely.

What do women wear to Bikram yoga?

Women should wear sports bras to Bikram yoga – not practical, form-fitting ones. The sports bra should be comfortable and stretchy. It is so that it will allow free movement during the series of exercises.

A fitting tank top or T-shirt made from a material that will enable you to move freely is a good choice for women and men.

Women can wear stretchy shorts or leggings as they would any other yoga class.  

What to wear to Bikram yoga if you are fat?

I know. I had some fat on my tummy, and I was so embarrassed to wear shorts and a sports bra and walk into the yoga studio – but that’s precisely what you want to do if you’re fat! 

But, of course, you'll love this experience even more if you wear your bathing suit or shorts. 

Your Bikram yoga teacher will not be judging anyone based on their clothing choices, so why should you? It is all about how you feel during the session. 

Where to buy Bikram yoga clothing?

If you’re buying clothes for your first Bikram Yoga lesson, we recommend going to a yoga studio and looking through their clothing items. 

You can also buy a Bikram yoga outfit from a reputable store. Many yoga studios and shops will carry ready-to-wear clothes and accessories. 

You can get your hands on the right clothes that will help you feel comfortable and at ease during your Bikram yoga sessions. You may also buy yoga accessories online.

Can I wear a regular bra to Bikram yoga?

We suggest no! Your regular bra will be in the way when you are in class. Please refrain from using it in class. 

A sports bra is the best option for you because it provides support while allowing you to move freely during a series of exercises. Your regular bra will get in the way of your training, so give it a break!

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