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How To Fix a Hole In a Yoga Ball?

Have you ever practised yoga with a yoga ball before?

If you haven’t, you might not know that they come in many different shapes and sizes. But no matter what size you get, it’s essential to understand that they all have one thing in common. That is, they all have a hole in them.

In this article, I will show you how to fix the hole in the yoga ball that you are using. So if you want to keep using your yoga ball and not have to buy a new one every time it falls apart, then read on...

Let’s begin with knowing a little about the yoga balls:

Benefits of Using a Yoga Ball

Here are some of the benefits that you will surely enjoy when you use a yoga ball:

Strengthen muscles:

When you use a yoga ball, you will strengthen those underused muscles as the ball forces the weaker muscles to take on the stronger ones.

More flexibility: 

Yoga balls can be used by those who want to increase their flexibility in a very natural and healthy way.

The balls are fun and easy to use for beginners, but they can also give more advanced users outstanding results.

Improve balance: 

Whether you are using it for stretching or strength training, this type of exercise equipment will help improve your balance in no time at all.

Better posture: 

Using a yoga ball helps improve your posture in challenging ways to do otherwise. Using a yoga ball will perfect your posture and help avoid back pain.

Help with exercise: 

Yoga balls can help you get the activity you need. They allow those struggling with injuries or those who are not physically able to work out to still get the benefits of strength training without having to strain themselves too much while doing so.

Types of Yoga Balls

Here are the most common types of yoga balls:

Swiss Ball (Large Exercise Ball):

You will mostly see them in health clubs, hospitals, and many rehabilitation clinics as they are suitable for several health benefits.

Is a Swiss ball the same as an exercise ball?
These include improving posture, flexibility, balance and strengthening the core muscles. Physical therapists also use this type of ball for post-operative therapy for their patients.

Small Exercise Balls

These are small exercise balls for your home. They are made of resilient rubber material, have a round shape, and you can use it as a desk or part of your workout routine.

Small exercise balls are also commonly used by physical therapists and rehabilitation therapists.

Yoga Stretching Balls:

These balls stretch the muscles in the body in specific ways. The balls are best used within yoga classes or personal trainers to integrate regular stretching into their fitness regimen. 

However, you can also use them right in your home to help you with flexibility exercises that you can do anytime throughout the day without anybody knowing about it.

Therapy Balls

These are an essential part of your therapy ball set that helps strengthen and rehabilitate the muscles, joints, and tendons.

What are therapy balls used for?
In addition, physical therapists, coaches and athletics trainers use it to help you repair your muscles after they have been injured or strained.

Hand Exercise Ball

A hand exercise ball is a small therapy tool designed to help with strengthening your grip and keeping the hands limber.

You can use it as part of your regular workout routine or any time you have free time.

Knee Exercise Ball:

As the name implies, knee exercise balls help with strengthening your knees and helping you recover after an injury.

What is the best exercise for knee pain?
However, they are not for replacing physical therapy. Instead, they help you until you receive a more advanced treatment from a physical therapist or professional chiropractor.

Bursting Exercise Balls: 

Bursting exercise balls are the best way to help improve and develop your muscle strength, tone and fitness level. In addition, this type of exercise ball helps to heal yourself from an injury.

If your muscles get strained or have just sustained an injury, you can use these balls to relieve the soreness and pain while helping your physical body recover.

How to Patch a Yoga Ball?

You can quickly fix holes in your yoga ball by purchasing a small patch. And you don’t have to worry about knowing the right tools because they are now readily available. 

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Get the right size patch (especially if there are multiple holes). So that you do not have to worry about it being too small or too big, purchase a patch that is a few inches bigger than the original hole size.

Step 2: Gently stretch out your original ball by gently squeezing out the air inside it. Stop worrying and repack it with the patch if you see it starts to tear or crack.

Step 3: Use a hot glue gun to apply glue to the patch. Make sure that the patch is thoroughly covered in the glue.

Step 4: Apply the patch over your original hole and gently push it down until it sticks. Let it dry for a few minutes, and that’s it!

Do Yoga Balls Burst?

High-quality balls do not burst. That’s because the quality of the rubber compounds used to make them is superior to what is used to make lower-priced balls. These products are specially designed to hold air until the small crack or hole is closed. 

In this process, the loss of air is gradual, not instantaneous. But, this is only applicable to those injuries that can be corrected by simply stretching your muscle. 

If the damage is more severe or affects your range of motion, you need to see your physician immediately. 

When cracks or holes are too long or too deep, they're in dire need of repair. Sometimes, these injuries result from stress, but this is not always the case. The material used for yoga balls is similar to what you would find in an inner tube. 

It’s durable and can withstand wear and tear. But when regular use leads to an overstretching injury, the rubber compounds may rupture, causing the yoga ball to lose air. It will cause it to deflate until it bursts slowly.

Which Yoga Ball Injuries are Repairable?

Depending on the severity of the damage, it may or may not be repairable. Small cracks and holes in your home’s siding or windows is easily fixable.

How do you strengthen the area around your knee?
But, if you want to be the best, you must have a strong foundation. Out of the question are cracks and holes. 

What’s important here is that you make the foundation as strong as possible. It is why they are not available.

There are not all sizes of patches available. A ball patch is the best way to fix a yoga ball. It works wonders in healing any damage caused by vigorous play.


Yoga balls are great for many different situations. They can help you improve your physical fitness and give you the benefits of strengthening your muscles and helping you prevent injuries. They also improve your flexibility and help with balance issues.

But what makes the best yoga ball to choose is not just the price tag or the reviews you read on Amazon. 

The best yoga ball should be a quality product that will last and last! It should be durable, strong, and not break easily between uses – This is especially important if you will use it in a commercial setting as many of them do when used by gym members or staff at workplaces.

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