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Yoga Instructional is a trusted source for yoga classes, programs, and meditation online. In addition, they offer a global marketplace of yoga resources for beginners and advanced practitioners. 

Yoga International has instructional videos, courses, podcasts, programs, and other available resources with over 280k followers on Instagram. 

In addition, it is supported by many media outlets to expand its following, like PopSugar, Inc. magazine, Men's Journal, and Women's Health.

In this review of Yoga International, we will talk about its services, customer ratings, and promotions.

Overview of Yoga International

Todd Wolfenberg, the founder of Yoga International, wanted to make yoga more accessible by creating a digital platform for practitioners. Their goal is to help people live better lives. 

They started with a print magazine in 2012, but they have expanded to video content and other media since then
Which is better Yoga International or Gaia?

They strive to make their services available through digital platforms such as Instagram and Facebook pages, making them appealing to millennials who use these mediums often.

At present, the company has a user-base of over more than 400,000 individuals globally. 

Yoga International stands out for allowing its users to experience yoga differently. With various classes available, it can provide an affordable platform for most people.

Yoga International offers a range of multimedia content related to yoga to its customers. In addition, the brand provides classes with over 500 professional teachers who specialize in various disciplines.

The company partners with yoga-based organizations such as Warriors At Ease and Love Your Brain Foundation. 

Yoga International also donates a portion of the revenue to companies that use yoga in their work. It includes Accessible Yoga, Climate Interactive, and Bright Kids.

How Does Yoga International Work?

Yoga International is a global digital platform where customers can practice their favourite yoga poses and learn new ones. The brand’s diverse offerings help customers adapt to their lifestyles. 

Customers can access Yoga International's resources by either signing up for a monthly or annual membership. 

If you’re curious about a fitness company but not sure if it’s the right fit for you, they offer a 14-day trial as well.

For this trial period, users will have access to any courses that have been purchased or gifted during this time. 

You have a free trial if you sign up for a basic account. The free trial period includes a limited number of articles, but you are not billed for this period.

After purchasing a course, you can access it through your account at any time. However, it's worth noting that members-only classes are only available in the paid plans.

If you enjoyed the free trial, you could upgrade to a paid monthly or annual membership, granting access to members-only courses.

According to the Yoga International website, A workshop-style offering typically covers and deepens your connection to a single topic. 

All programs qualify for Continuing Education Credits (CEUs) through Yoga Alliance and other yoga-based organizations.

Furthermore, this company also permits users to gain experience to be eligible for a particular program.

Customers can access the brand’s resources through the Yoga International app and are compatible with both Ios and Android users. 

However, users cannot buy courses without creating a Yoga International account. Customers may access some of the courses on Amazon, though.

Membership plans are available to suit your needs. In addition, there’s plenty of information about yoga classes, workshops, and events to help you get started with classes. 

From beginner-friendly Squat Vinyasa to Chair Yoga for All, Yoga International offers a variety of classes.

There’s different content on the site, from educational articles to programs, podcasts, meditation sessions, and a community hub for users to access. 

Yoga International  Classes

Yoga International offers various yoga sessions, including two-hour classes for beginners and advanced students. In addition, you can choose to choose from beginner, intermediate or advanced classes. 

How many classes does yoga International have?
Dreamcatcher is one of the beginner classes, which provides you with a solid foundation for learning more advanced practices. 

You can purchase a single course or enrol in one of their available programs, usually priced according to their duration.

Yoga International also offers the Love Your Body Yoga 101 classes which are free for students with disabilities. 

However, it is mainly for students who are not advanced enough to take other classes.

Yoga International has over 1,000 different classes that you can choose from. There is something for everyone, including yoga for newborns, moms and dads, kids with special needs, and more. 

Yoga International strives to provide all kinds of yoga options that you will appreciate. With its wide array of courses and programs, this brand will help you learn something new every time you practice.

Yoga International also adds new courses regularly to its catalogue. As of now, there are close to 60 yoga workshops available on its platform currently.

Pros & Cons


  • Customizable memberships.
  • Online Classes by 500+ yoga experts across disciplines.
  • Instructional online videos, courses, podcasts, and a community hub for improving users’ yoga techniques.
  • Customers can take yoga classes anywhere and anytime.
  • Positive customer reviews. 
  • Users can become an instructor by signing up on the website.
  • Users can access their app on their mobile devices.


  • On the website, customers can only use live chat to connect with customer service.
  • Some users complained that Yoga International’s platform is too complicated to use on a mobile device. Many have praised the website for being user-friendly, though. 

What Are Other People Saying About Yoga International?

  • Yoga Alliance has given Yoga International 5 stars for training students in various yoga techniques. Some students also noted that the company is dedicated to providing yoga resources for its community members. 
  • Many customers were happy with their purchase of this brand because of its affordable pricing and accessible content in different mediums such as videos, podcasts, and courses. 
  • Many customers were happy with this yoga brand because it offers reasonable pricing, including the free trial period. Many even used the trial period to take their first class or two to see if they like the service. 
  • Some users noted that the brand was very helpful in getting them started with their practice, which is why they decided to upgrade their membership plan. 
  • A vast majority of customers who reviewed this brand were happy with their purchase because it provided them with the required tools and resources to improve themselves as yoga practitioners. 
  • Many also liked that this brand offers a wide range of classes, from easy to challenging yoga courses. 
  • A few customers had a great experience with this brand because of its customer service. One customer even noted that his class instructor was very knowledgeable and brought him beyond his comfort zone.

Conclusion: Is Yoga International Worth It?

Overall, the Yoga International brand has garnered excellent reviews from yoga practitioners who used its platform to learn more about this practice. The Yoga International community is also very active on social media, where it regularly interacts with users online.

Yoga International also boasts more than 500 yoga experts who helped develop its platform to ensure that all kinds of yoga practitioners will find something they like.

From beginner to advanced classes, you can learn how to do some yoga poses while improving your overall health and well-being.

What do you think? Are you willing to try this brand?

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