Face Yoga For Double Chin

Get Rid From Double Chin With These Yoga Poses

Are you trying to get rid of double chins? If so, you are certainly not alone. Many people have a stubborn layer of fat under their chin that simply refuses to disappear.

Double chins are a real problem for many people. They make you look older and heavier than you are, making you self-conscious about your appearance.

Having a double chin does not mean that you're overweight or unhealthy; it just means there is an extra bit of tissue under your chin that needs to get rid of. 

Luckily, plenty of Face Yoga Exercises target this area and actually work to reduce it!

This article will explain how to get rid of your double chin and give you plenty of face yoga poses to do at home. Ready? Let's begin!

Face Yoga exercises For Double Chin

There are many different Face Yoga Exercises to perform, but the following ones target the chin specifically.

Lions pose or Simhasana

The Lion posture is from Hatha and modern yoga. It exerts a good effect on the facial and throat muscles, thus keeping the skin tight. It is one of the rare asanas that calls for you to make a sound. 

What are the benefits of lion pose?
The roar relieves the burdening tension and provides a boost of energy to the throat muscles. 

It helps introverted and shy people reduce emotional stress and lets go of frustration, thus boosting their confidence. It is also good to maintain the health of the ears, nostrils, throat, and eyes.

Ustrasna posture or Camel pose

Ustrasana is an outstanding yoga pose for reducing excess fat. It targets the belly, love handles, and double chin. 

This back-bending pose stretches out the neck and throat muscles, which can help to make your jawline more prominent.  It also helps give a radiant glow to the skin.

Matsya posture or Fish pose

This pose targets the muscles that help to pull down your jaw. It also works on pushing up your head and working on some of those jawline muscles. It is excellent for all of those stubborn double chin muscles as long as you use it regularly.

What is fish pose good for?

Neck rolls

A complete 360-degree neck roll loosens tight muscles from the neck, throat, shoulders, and upper back. It will make the skin in your neck area firmer. It is effective for reducing fat in the neck region and toning the muscles of the neck. 

When doing neck rolls, keep your spine straight and don't raise your shoulders while gently rotating your head in a circular motion.

Wide smile pose or Parshvottanasana

It is an excellent exercise for both the upper and lower jaws. It’s a great way to make sure you get all of those hard-to-reach muscles in your face.

It also works well for your neck, as it hits the top and bottom portion of your neck targets. 

This pose helps to strengthen your jaw and neck muscles and can give you an excellent double chin workout.

It is perfect for boosting your neck and the supporting muscles and ligaments around it. So it's a good one to try if you are looking for double chin exercises.

Fish face Pose

This pose helps to stretch out your neck muscles and jawline. It is excellent for working on your chin, jaw, and neck muscles. 

What does fish face exercise do?
Because it stretches on the muscles in the sides of your face, this exercise is perfect for working on your face's upper part and jawline muscles, as well as your chin. 

It is a great pose to perform if you are looking for a double chin exercise.

Pyramid Pose or Parshottanasan 

It is excellent for working on the muscles that pull down your upper jawline, as well as targeting your obliques. 

This pose works on stretching out the forces along the jawline, so it's a good one to try if you are looking for double chin exercises. 

This side stretch also benefits your core, balances your posture, and improves digestion. 

In addition, it improves blood circulation throughout the body. Finally, this posture can decrease fat from your jowl and tone up your whole body.

Wide Smile Poses

A dazzling smile is the most pleasant sight to behold. Pleasingly, smiling is one of the best ways to remove pesky mounds of the chin. 

It strengthens the facial muscles, improves circulation and oxygenation throughout your body, and even eliminates excess fat in your face.

Smiling also helps reduce anxiety and depression; it helps people relax and fall asleep more easily. Plus, it’s a great way to increase happiness and positive emotions in the world. 

The most potent aspect of smiling is that it can change the expression of your face and create a more youthful appearance.

Eight limbed pose or Ashtanga Namaskara

It is one of the prominent yoga poses from Surya Namaskara sequences. The eight-limbed pose is called that because it uses eight parts of the body. The chest, knees, and chin are the most critical parts.

Surya Namaskara is an exercise that's known for helping you lose weight quickly. Ashtanga Namaskar features primarily for reducing double chin, back, and belly fat.

Forward bend or Hastapadasana 

This pose is another sequence from ashtanga Surya Namaskara. The popularly known standing forward bend stretches all the muscles in your back and legs, which will help you feel more relaxed and flexible. 

What are the benefits of Hastapadasana?
It also helps improve blood circulation throughout your whole body. In addition, it relieves stress from the neck area, increases its flexibility. 

This yoga pose opens up your chest, and the lung area warms your whole body from the muscle and joints and gives you a youthful appearance.

Final Thoughts

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to work on getting rid of your double chin. The Face Yoga exercises mentioned above are great because they target the areas that cause your double chin and have a nice, gentle effect on the area. 

In addition, you can do these exercises in the comfort of your home without having to pay a single dime.

Face Yoga gives you a lot of ways to target your neck, throat, and jaw muscles. These muscles are the culprits when it comes to putting on excess fat around the neck area. 

The Face Yoga exercises target these areas and will help you slim down your double chin in a natural fashion without having to suffer from any side effects or problems.

I hope you enjoyed reading this article on face yoga exercises for double chin. If you have any queries or comments about this article, please use the comment section below. I’d love to hear from you!

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