At this time because of rising cases and safety concerns with practicing indoors, Love Hive Yoga will not be holding in-person classes until further notice. We will update any changes here, via our newsletter and/or on social media.

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We are exploring some limited options for in-person offerings. This includes Yoga In The Park, some small classes at our Fremont Location with sliding front doors that open the entire width of the studio, cohort semi-private classes, & private individual sessions


When we are able to make the transition back into some limited in-person offerings these are the protocols that will be in place to help support the safest experience we can provide.

  • Socially distanced entry, set-up, & exit

  • Required pre-registration and no-touch check-in

  • Limited class sizes with pre-designated mat spots to maintain social distancing

  • Shorter class lengths; max 1hr classes.

  • Required mask use any time you are not on your mat

  • No physical contact from teachers or other students

  • Bring your own everything; Mat, props, water, hand-sanitizer, mask

  • Limited schedule to allow for increased cleaning

  • Classes will most likely be film/live-streamed so that others can partake virtually, which means you will have to be ok with possibly being visible on camera.

  • Limited/discouraged bathroom use. Its there if you must but we ask you try to come prepared not to need to use the bathroom.

  • If you are unwell and physically presenting symptoms of a cold or flu such as nasal congestion, runny nose, sneezing, sore throat, cough, fever, etc. please stay home. We will ask anyone with cold or flu symptoms (even if they are allergies) to not stay for in-person classes. 



Beginning Monday, July 6th, we will be offering our Live-Streaming class as well as a video library of previously recorded classes, workshops, and wellness offerings on a new streamlined platform. CLICK HERE to get your free extended 30 day trial and get started.

Question?: I have feelings about the new online platform & the transfer of my membership/class card.

Answer: We understand that change can feel difficult. We understand that sometimes feelings are intensified around change. Here is the reasoning for why we are giving out a link for 30 days free to everyone and why we can't seamlessly transfer your billing date over to the new system. Like with all software and tech, it's not a perfect.  Within the confines of working with an entirely new platform, software, and purchasing program, we needed to come up with a way to "transfer" all the members to the new service without losing any days of providing you all with the yoga services of live-streaming classes and videos. There was not a way to do a direct transfer. With this new system, there is a different purchasing software that doesn't allow for transfer of customer/financial data to be moved from MindBody (where the old $99 memberships & class cards were purchased). Our work-around for this was to give everyone 30 days free, knowing that meant some people would get only about 30 days free and others who's billing dates were earlier would get more before being charged the new rate. Our hope was that because the new monthly rate was almost 60% less, that the small differences of a few days between various members would be met with a generous spirit for the community moving forward and delight at the new savings for an upgraded experience. After this initial "transfer" phase is over, that 30 day trial will no longer be available. We are not trying to not give people what they have paid for but to do our best to both transfer our current clients over to this new system at a lower cost as well as attract returning and new clients so that we can hopefully make our way through to the other side of this pandemic. Now, if you are someone who's billing date was closer to the end of the month and therefore are getting closer to 30 days on the trial vs someone who's billing date was earlier in the month, please keep in mind that you paid for 30 days of online yoga and now get to have 30 days of online yoga. Yes, there are other people who are also getting this but that does not devalue it, it is simply making it more accessible. We are kindly asking that you give us the benefit of the doubt in trying our best to solve a complex problem in the middle of a global crisis. And we greatly appreciate your spirit of generosity now more than ever. 


As a service industry, we are devastatingly impacted by this crisis. Your continual patronage truly makes a difference on whether we will be making it through to the other side of this crisis with a studio to come back to. Please sign up for our Love Hive Yoga Online and tell your friends. You can also gift this to family & friends. 


  • If you have a Love Hive Membership: It will no longer renew after July 6th, 2020. If you had purchased a year membership, we can extend it to be valid for after we have in-person classes starting from the last date used or we can transfer the remaining months onto the platform. When there are in-person classes there will be an option to for Love Hive Online subscribers to purchase a discounted in-person membership. We cannot offer refunds at this time. 

  • If you have a class card: The expiration date has been extended for 1 year or possibly longer and will be honored when we offer in-person classes but we will no longer be selling class cards at this time. We cannot offer refunds at this time. 

  • If you have a Yoga Scholarship: Your scholarship will also be canceled until we have in-person classes. Please sign up for the online classes (which are only $39.99/month). When we return to in-person classes, you can reapply to a scholarship. 



This includes class cards, memberships, year memberships, new student specials, one month unlimited, drop-ins, scholarships and gift cards. We can extend cards and extend yearly memberships until in-person classes are available but there are no refunds given. 


Please note that we are operating on a bare bones staff currently. Emails will have longer response time and as things change we will do our best to update you. Please keep this in mind as we all venture into this new territory and do our best to continue to provide you with the highest quality service we can. Kindness, compassion, and yoga are needed now more than ever. This is the kind of moment that we have all been practicing for. We in this together. And together, we will make it through.

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