Heart Opening Yoga Poses

Heart Opening Yoga Poses – Improve Your Life

In the past few years, the popularity of yoga has risen to an all-time high. People are drawn towards its physical and emotional benefits.

It is a great way to improve your health, enrich your mind, and release tension from your body.

People might not be aware of the fact that certain poses can also boost heart health. These poses are called “Heart Opening Yoga Poses.”

They can do this by opening the arteries, improving vascular tone, and improving oxygen flow through the heart muscle.

What are Heart Opening Yoga Poses?

Heart Opening Yoga Poses help lengthen and relax your muscles. It helps to increase blood flow to your heart, making it easier for your body to deliver oxygen to your brain.

It also allows blood vessels to open up so that more nutrients and oxygen can move through them. 

When your heart is full of the right amount of oxygen, you can benefit from releasing stress like adrenalin and even shed excess weight.

Why are Heart Opening Yoga Poses Good for Heart Health?

When your heart is full of rancid cholesterol, it becomes impaired. It will strain the muscles and reduce them from working efficiently.

It also increases your risk for atherosclerosis which is when plaque builds up on the interior walls of the arteries and blocks them. 

This plaque is made of cholesterol and smooth muscle cells, leading to a heart attack. Heart Opening Yoga Poses will remove the plaque, slow down the progression of atherosclerosis, and help your heart grow stronger.

In addition to keeping your arteries clean, Heart Opening Yoga Poses brings down blood pressure that lowers the risk for a stroke or having a heart attack.

Heart Opening Yoga Poses help increase the amount of oxygen in your heart. In addition, it brings down stress that increases heart palpitations and even angina. 

What are Some of the Heart Opening Yoga Poses?

Whether you’re looking to find more compassion in your life or simply want to counteract the effects of sitting at your computer all day.

This sequence of activating the heart through a focus on breath and movement is calming and energizing.

I’ve designed a mini-sequence to help you delve deeper into mobilizing your thoracic spine and shoulders, which in turn, will leave you feeling awake, open-hearted, and ready to greet the whole experience of this life. They are:

Sphinx Pose

Sphinx pose is an excellent place to start by opening the heart. It is gentle and supportive, allowing you to ease into the practice. If you are feeling stiff or tight, this is a great place to start.

What is Sphinx pose good for?

Floor Bow

The floor bow will help you move deeper into the stretch of the sphinx pose, increasing the intensity of opening the front body. Move slowly, and proceed with awareness to connect to your breath.

Boat Pose

The boat pose is a backbend that offers a sustained stretch that helps lengthen and open the entire front side body. As you inhale, you’ll feel your heart open more as well.

What are the benefits of boat pose?

Cat-Cow Stretch 

Use cat-cow as an exercise to take the opportunity to really feel the difference between spinal extension and flexion.

We can get a deeper breath in the cow position if we first draw our heart deep into our chest in the cat position.

Locust Pose

This pose is excellent for opening your throat chakra, which is connected to your heart chakra.

What is locust pose good for?
It also helps move the breath faster from the lungs as it goes up and down through the chest region. Finally, it moves that part of the body that we tend to hold tight in our faces!

Supine Spinal Twist 

This twist brings about an excellent opportunity for stretching the front of chest areas. To open your heart, keep both of your shoulders on the ground and focus on breathing.

It may cause your leg to leave the floor, but that is alright. 

Forearm Stand

A forearm stand is an excellent way to challenge the body. It also helps your heart open and allows you to get a sense of what it might be like to be fully supported by the earth. 

Is forearm stand easier than handstand?

Dancer’s Pose

Dancer’s pose is a fabulous extension of the arms and a great way to help both your heart and chest open significantly.

You may also notice that the heart feels easier to work with as you continue on this sequence.

Camel Pose

Camel pose can help with digestion, alignment, mobility, strength, digestion, and breathing as a significant move in this sequence.

What is the camel pose good for?
In addition, it helps keep the spine strong while focusing on deep breaths for self-care and inner healing.

Plough Pose

The plough pose is an intense backbend that opens the heart and shoulders in a powerful yet gentle way.

It is an excellent stretch for opening the neck, lowering blood pressure, and developing greater flexibility in the spine.


Modern living has shifted us from an open-hearted perspective. Technology is being used more and more, which means there’s a lot of time spent staring at screens and typing. 

Research points to an alarming trend: people who spend too much time hunched over a device are developing lousy posture and exhibiting signs of depression. 

Yoga classes are a great way to physically change your body and open up your mind and heart. Yoga poses that open your heart can also help you be more present and compassionate.

 Do you have an open or closed heart? If it’s been closed off, why?

A closed heart chakra can lead to different challenges, including an inability to love or be loved, unwillingness to forgive or let go of old grievances, and not being emotionally stable. 

The yoga poses mentioned above will open the heart and help to activate and balance the Heart Chakra.

“As you prepare to practice any of these heart-opening poses, keep chanting “I live with an open heart.” Breathe in and exhale. Your mantra is a reminder to keep going. 

You should use it to motivate yourself through your workout regimen so you can hold the pose just a little bit longer.

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