Clean Cork Yoga Mat

How To Clean Cork Yoga Mat

A cork yoga mat is an eco-friendly alternative to a standard yoga mat.

However, cork features natural oils that can build up over time and will require some maintenance to maintain the health of the mat. 

Therefore, you must clean your mat after each use, mainly if you use the same mat for aerobic classes that include sweating.


Cork yoga mats are growing in popularity for individuals who enjoy practising yoga, Pilates and other exercise routines. 

Can you wash a cork yoga mat?
Made from the bark of cork trees, these mats are long-lasting and absorb impacts without feeling hard underneath you. They also offer better traction than standard rubber or foam mats. 

However, while a cork mat is easier to clean than a standard one that uses chemicals to soften it, you still need to take some steps to keep your mat sanitary.

Things you need to clean a cork yoga mat

There is no need to purchase expensive chemical cleaners. Instead, you can use a solution of vinegar and baking soda in water.

And all you need as a cleaning tool is a soft cloth. But first, here's what you'll need to whip up a quick cleaning solution at home:
  • Water
  • The essential oil (aromatherapy)
  • Baking soda
  • Baking soda
  • Bottle for spraying

Fill three-quarters of the spray container with clean water. Then fill the remaining space with vinegar and baking soda.

Finally, add five drops of essential oil for aroma. Shake the container well and spray on your cork's mat.

Essential Steps for cleaning a cork yoga mat:

Step 1: Create a natural cleaning spray

Make a spray solution by mixing 1 part water with six parts vinegar. Spray the solution on your mat. You can use vinegar, baking soda solution, or essential oils to give your yoga mat a fresh scent.

Step 2: Use your vinegar-baking soda spray on the mat

Spray the mixture on your cork mat, then wipe with a soft cloth. The spray will help break down any buildup of surface oil. 

Step 3: Wipe down your cork yoga mat with a damp cloth

Wipe the surface of your cork yoga mat with a wet cloth, then absorb any excess moisture with a grocery bag.

If you like to add essential oils to your cleaner, use one drop of lavender oil for each gallon (4 litres) of solution.

Step 4: Let the mat air dry.

After completing the cleaning process, leave your mat out to air dry. If you prefer, you can also place your rug in a sunny window or front of an air-conditioning vent.

How do you deep clean a yoga mat?

Standard cleaning

The standard cleaning procedure is recommended for a quick and easy cleaning method without chemicals. All you may require is cold water and a soft washcloth or a sponge.

Softness is essential because an abrasive cleaning instrument would cut into your cork yoga mat and leave uncomfortable indentations. 

Aside from convenience, the goal of using the standard cleaning approach is to avoid damaging your mat.

To begin, moisten and wring out your towel or sponge. Because cork repels water, soaking wet cleaning tools will make a sloppy mess. 

Next, rub your mat on both sides and the sides themselves, wholly but gently. When you finish, hang your rug to dry. When the cork is dry, roll it up to avoid wrinkles and keep it in a dry location. 

Deep cleaning

Water and a washcloth aren’t always enough. A DIY solution for a deeper clean will remove stains from your cork yoga mat and thoroughly cleanse it of perspiration.

Because it is made entirely of natural components, it is far safer to use on your mat than store-bought chemical cleaners.

To begin, get a spray bottle and a soft washcloth or sponge. You can use these instruments to apply the cleaning solution to your mat without harming its surface. 

After that, fill the spray bottle with the following ingredients: 

  • 3 tablespoons of white vinegar
  • 1/4 cup of water
  • 1/4 teaspoon of essential oils of your choice
After applying the solution, lightly scrub down your mat with the washcloth. It's essential to focus on the surfaces rather than the cork itself. 

The blend in this recipe is gentle enough not to harm your cork yoga mat, so you can scrub it with a bit more vigour than you would if using commercial cleaners. Leave it to dry completely before you roll it up.

Your cork yoga mat is clean and ready for use. Store your mat in a dry place to keep it dust-free.

When cleaning a cork yoga mat, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Clean your cork yoga mat after many practices if you use it every day. There’s no need to do it all the time; if you’re a regular Bikram Yoga or Hot Yoga practitioner, try to dry the mat immediately after use so you may use it again in the next session. 
  • Certain portions of your yoga mat make more frequent touch with your hand, feet, or torso than others. So make sure to rub those regions for a more extended period.
  • Gently rub and wipe with a soft cloth to maintain the top layer of your yoga mat intact. Do not use anything with a rough surface.

How Often Should a Cork Yoga Mat Be Cleaned?

We recommend that you clean your cork yoga mat with water after each practice, or at least once a week. When necessary, such as if your mat is discoloured, you should undertake a deeper cleaning once a week at most. 

Even though the DIY cleansing concoction you discovered has natural elements, applying it on your mat too frequently will cause fading over time.

We also recommend cleaning any new mats you purchase before using them. It will eliminate a lot of the surface oil from the manufacturing process and make it easier to clean once you start using it. 

How to Care for Cork Yoga Mat

In addition to cleaning your cork yoga mat, here are some other ways to take care of it.

Make Frequent Use of Your Mat

After you have your cork yoga mat, make frequent use of it. Over time, the mat will become softer and more comfortable.

How do you get the smell out of a cork mat?
In the meantime, the wear and tear of the surface will help create a uniform layer that makes it easier to clean.

Roll your mat after using

Rather than leaving your mat to dry, you can roll up the mat after use. It is done to maintain its shape and prevent wrinkles from forming.

Store in a Dry Location

After cleaning, store your cork yoga mat in a dry location to keep it dust-free and from becoming damp.

Buy a high-quality mat.

You don’t want to cheap out on your mat. Choose one made of natural cork and has a thickness of at least 8mm (1.7 in.). Your mat should be sturdy enough to be rolled and safely stored in a case or bag. 

Some manufacturers tout the durability of their mats, but this is something you should evaluate personally.

For these reasons, we recommend good-quality mats made of natural materials such as cork, latex or TPE (thermoplastic elastomer).

Take extra care of your mat. It will give you years of use and is well worth the investment.

What to avoid when cleaning your cork yoga mat

  • Cleaning your cork yoga mat with chemical cleaners is not recommended. It’s essential to keep in mind that natural elements are essential for maintaining the longevity of your mat.
  • Do not fold your clean cork yoga mat. Doing so will create permanent creases in the mat and make it harder to roll up.
  • Avoid exposing your cork yoga mat to direct sunlight. The ultraviolet rays in sunlight can damage the surface oil of your mat, making it prone to discolouration and fading over time.
  • Do not put it in the washing machine or dryer.
  • Do not rub your cork yoga mat with a rough cloth or brush.


Your cork yoga mat should last for many years with proper cleaning and care. You need to have the appropriate cleaning technique and materials to get the job done.

You can clean your cork yoga mat without damaging it by following the instructions herein.

There is a lot of information about cleaning and caring for your Yoga Mat. I hope you found this post helpful and will share this information with someone who needs it!

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