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Jessica offers private sessions that focus on helping clients to move towards health, contentment, and healing the whole person via the modality of energy, spirit, yogic practices, and mindfulness. Please visit for more info



What is Yoga?

Yoga is a mysterious and vast dance. She is intoxicating and lovely, startling and fierce at the same time. She is forever revealing herself in tiny glimpses of understanding which only highlights the immensity of the unknown. For me it is an artistic practice full of creativity and perfectly adapted to fit the eye of the beholder. This is a unique process for each individual and as we use the various palettes and colors of our lives, it shifts and changes always molding to meet us exactly where we need it to. My yoga practice has been a continual process of coming home. A reawakening to understand of what I truly am, my wholeness, & a belonging to this earth, always trying to pay it forward through sharing what I am learning.


What are you most interested in sharing?

I am interested in working on being present my full being. I want to learn to know myself and seek that understanding in others. I use the practice of Asana or postures to help connect me to the body so that I can move in the world from a more rooted place. The more connected I am to my body, the more I experience it's ability to be a key to a vast doorway within me. That doorway leads me to connection to my whole self, to others, to the spaces in between, and to the subtle layers that open to the divine. The gifts of healing and grace that I have experienced through these teachings has saved my life over and over and I hope to continue to be of service to the path in sharing what tiny glimpses I'm blessed to have witnessed. 


What to expect in a class with Jessica: In my classes you will always be welcome to be who you are. We laugh, play, work hard, rest well, sometimes listen to music and always listen to our bodies. I am deeply inspired by the body itself; this gorgeous vessel that is home to our spirit and gives us the opportunity to play out our many roles, lessons, and teachings in life. I am a total anatomy nerd and that statement both excites me and surprises me because never in a million years would I have thought that I would go that direction. However, what drives me most in my classes these days is the therapeutic benefits of yoga postures and breath and the subtle energy practices that are awakened, felt, and communicated with during a yoga asana practice. It is thrillingly nourishing to be able to tap into the pranic life force of our bodies and use that for healing, connecting, and releasing what is no longer useful. It simultaneously blows my mind, humbles me, and reassures me of my own wisdom every single time. When brought together, the tools of practice are a means to awaken. Yoga is a rediscovering of something that is already within us. It is not something we need to acquire or accomplish but something that we remember. 


I am grateful to be on the path together with you and for the opportunity to learn side by side.


Jessica's heart-centered teaching is influenced by her dedication to the spiritual teachings of many traditions. Jessica weaves together body felt sense posture work with yogic philosophy, modern earth-based witchery, energy medicine and emotional resiliency. Guided by reverence and her own inner healer, Jessica teaches steady, grounded, and nourishing hatha, flow, and restorative yoga using embodiment, mindfulness, quietude, anatomical alignment, and the energetics in the postures. Jessica's intention is to use the practices of yoga to help her students feel more connected to their limitless inner wellspring, find their resources for healing, and be in a loving & accepting relationship with their whole being. Jessica has had the privilege to study with world renown master teachers such as Manorama, Christina Sell, Jasmine Tarkeshi, Dharma Mittra, and Dana Flynn. Currently Jessica studies with the deeply attuned, Todd Jackson. 


"Love yourself. Then forget it. Then love the world." 

~Mary Oliver


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