In my classes, you can expect to learn and engage in breath work and ways to develop greater awareness to one’s inner self. 

I love to experiment with and introduce my students to Pranayama, as well as incorporate ways to take the emphasis on breath off of the mat.


To me, yoga is a guiding light and connection in all aspects of my life. Derived from the Sanskrit word “yuj” which means “to unite or integrate”, to me, Yoga is exactly that. Extending beyond the physical, Yoga unites breath to movement, teacher to student, stranger to community, dark to light. 

I am inspired in my teaching by, Audra Carmine and Jessica Garay, I create an uplifting class filled with heart, music and a large emphasis on connecting to the breath. In my 200 Hour Teacher Training, here at Love Hive, I learned that we need to meet ourselves where we are. I encourage self discovery and progress and am grateful to share this practice with the Love Hive community.


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