Kady Monroe

In my Yin and Restorative classes you can expect to slow down, turn on, and tune in. I am interested in creating a low pressure, comfortable, sweet and soothing environment for us all to enjoy. I typically offer a wide variety of shapes, (1-8 min each) many of which are supported by props to invite unravellings, and to hospitably accommodate various levels of practice. My primary interests are release, feeling, sensing, and softening accompanied by an unending devotion/returning to full and unhurried meditative breath(breath that feels good and calms the Nervous System). I enjoy offering gentle assists, and I always ask permission before I touch a student. I love to play singing bowls during savasana, and I enjoy offering minimal and soothing instrumental and nature sounds throughout our time together. You can also expect me to start up a conversation with you if I am given the chance.  I love to know my students, look them in the eyes, and foster a sense of community between all of us. 


To me yoga is an art of life. As experimented with, refined by, and curated by you. Each life has the potential to be the Hero's Journey. The Hero/Yogi boldly ventures towards the Real, bravely unpacks the self, and humbly strives to answer the call to service by cultivating his/her/their natural abilities and talents to serve the ever-evolving flow of all of Life. 


I am inspired in my teaching by poetry, community, and how quickly bodies, perceptions, and the flow of life can transform when meaningful, relevant, and love filled practice is integrated. 



Katherine Monroe 

RYT 500 Yoga Alliance Instructor 

Writer / Musician / Artist

Living and practicing in Portland, OR 


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