Kastania Rasmussen

What is Yoga?

Yoga is the process of looking into a mirror, and not only seeing, but being with and honoring the reflection totally, as it is, without qualification. It is a process that manifests physically, emotionally, spiritually, individually and universally. I strongly believe that the more connected we are to the process of yoga on and off our mats, the more connected and unified we become in our human experience. And how amazing is it when we feel connected to ourselves and each other, on a level that is not tangible, that we can’t see?


What are you most interested in sharing?

I’m interested in the deep sh*t =) I am interested in strengthening the connections we have to ourselves, so that we may connect more with others. Having been a nomad the last 10 years, I have a strong appreciation for the feeling of being ‘home’ in the body - supported and content. Wherever our bodies are at, whatever they look like, they are ours - our temple, our vehicle for experience. The more we can respect, honor, and work with them, the more we can cultivate a relationship, a grounding, and a sense of home within ourselves.

From this foundation, I like to guide a creative flow exploring different shapes both classical and alternative. A self-proclaimed anatomy nerd, I focus on corporeal connection through breath and detailed suggestions to draw attention ‘home’. With a balance of movement and stillness I hope to create a space in which you feel connected in the practice <3




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