In my classes, you can expect to be drawn into the body through the vehicle of the breath.  Every class starts with a moment to drop in followed by flowing movement that can range from simple to complex.  I try to break down different elements or themes for each class to help deliver good information that you can carry into your daily lives or into other yoga classes.   My hope is for my students to learn something new about themselves or about their practice by the time we are ready to walk off the mat and re-enter the world.


To me, yoga is that link to all the hidden and subtle parts of myself.  It is the answer to the questions, how am I feeling?  Yoga is an opportunity to be slightly selfish, and to grasp for what it might be like to fully occupy yourself; the good, the bad, and all the parts in between.   Through that connection to ourselves, we can begin to build stronger connections to our families, our friends, and our communities.


I am inspired in my teaching by the teachers of the past.  Knowing where the practice came from, seeing how far we have come, and getting curious about what there is left to discover.  The practice is never ending in this way.  I am very much interested in alignment, but as a way of support the inner frame of our being.  Rather than bending, flexing, and articulating the body for the purpose of strength and stretch alone, how can we support ourselves mentally and emotionally through movement?  In this way, each of our yoga practices are vastly different and unique, just like us.  I am eternally grateful to my teachers, Stacey Brass, Bryn Chrisman, and Mark Stephens.  Through your passion and patience, I have been guided to a path that feels creative, challenging, and genuine.


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