Manduka Meditation Cushion

Manduka Meditation Cushion Review

When you are contemplating buying a self-massaging product, it is necessary to find out more to make the right decision for yourself.

I have written this article which gives all of the information about this product. I think it is the best way to determine whether the product is good or not. 

So, in this article, we will review the Manduka Meditation Cushion. In this review, we will be finding out whether the product is suitable for you or not. Let's get started!

What is a meditation cushion?

The meditation cushion is a cushion you can use in yoga and any other workout session. This product gives you value for your money because it massages your lower back, hips, buttocks, and spine, improving blood flow in these areas.

You can also use this cushion as a reading pillow while travelling or as a simple seat cushion while watching television with the family.

You can choose from different colour options by knowing your favourite colour. This cushion also comes with a strap.

This strap will help you to carry this cushion anywhere you want. You don't have to worry because this product is lightly weighted so that you can take its weight easily.

Why Use Mediation Cushion?

A cushion can make sitting on the floor for extended periods more comfortable. It provides some padding for your knees and rear (less pressure on your lower back). Some cushions are also designed to massage your back while you’re sitting in the lotus pose. 

About The Manduka Meditation Cushion

The Manduka Meditation & Yoga Cushion has been a best seller for over ten years because it provides the perfect blend of support, comfort, and freedom for people who meditate.

Its 10th iteration remains the most comfortable and versatile meditation cushion available. 

Made from natural materials, the new version features a reversible microfiber cover that is softer than the original.

It makes it more suitable for long-term use and eliminates the need for washing the cushion every few months. 

The outer cover is high quality, odour-resistant, and made from eco-friendly Cocona eQua Plus fabric. 

The material is soft to the touch, and the cushion is supportive yet gentle enough for extended periods of sitting during meditation. 

A lighter-weight alternative to other meditation cushions, it’s manageable for portability without compromising durability or support. 


Comes with Airtight Vinyl Zipper Pouch: You can easily keep your cushion when it is not in use in this pouch. This way, the cushion will be in good condition and won’t fall apart.

It has a Reversible Cover: 

This feature makes the cushion more versatile, and you can use it with two covers of different colours, which give you more choices of colour. 

Detachable Strap: 

The strap will help you carry your cushion when you want to take it somewhere with you. So, it will not be a burden to carry the weight of this cushion.

It Has PVC Free Vinyl: 

This feature makes the product eco-friendly, and you can use this cushion without worrying about environmental pollution.


  • The meditation cushion is reasonable, and you will like the quality and performance of this product.
  • This cushion can also be used as a reading pillow while travelling or a simple seat cushion while watching television.
  • This product comes with a strap. The strap will help you to carry this cushion anywhere you want. You don’t have to worry because this product is lightly weighted so that you can take its weight easily.
  • The zippers on the buckwheat hulls allow for the removal or addition of buckwheat hulls.
  • This cushion is usable for a long time without wearing out.
  • It’s a decent value for money 


  • It is heavier than other meditation cushions.
  • It will take a long time to get used to how many buckwheat hulls to put in this cushion.
  • Some customers got used cushions

Customer reviews

  • “I would recommend this product for anyone practising yoga or meditation, not just for young people, as it’s very comfortable and an excellent investment.” – Julia Bostard. 
  • “I loved it! I love the fact that I can take this to travel. It exceeded my expectation and was worth the money spent. I will be recommending this to everyone I know who practices yoga or meditation.”  – Elisabeth C. 
  • “I love that the other side of it is a zippered pouch, and I can store my buckwheat hulls in it, instead of on my desk or worse, under my seat in class! Also, the strap is great for travelling because I don’t have to lug it around. I think this is a great item and very easy to use.” – Vanessa O.


  • The most popular alternative is the Gaiam Black Premium Zafu Cushion. It has the same features as Manduka Meditation Cushion, but it is more expensive than this cushion.
  • The other popular option is the Vistamont Comfortable Floor Cushion which is similar in construction to the Manduka brand and, again, more expensive.


The Manduka Meditation & Yoga Cushion is a good product because of its affordable price, quality, and performance.

It is versatile too because there are two sides to it to use it in two ways. Manduka has been manufacturing meditation cushions since 2000, and they are still the top brand of meditation cushions. 

Their products are popular among meditators because of their excellent performance, quality, and low price.

If you want to buy this product, you can go to any online or offline store and buy it for your home!


How to Clean Meditation Cushion? 

You can clean your meditation cushion by vacuuming it, but never use water or a wet cloth. If you want to clean the cover to remove dirt, you can use a damp towel. Place the towel on the stain and sit for about 30 minutes. 

After 30 minutes, take off the towel, and rub gently with your fingers. Repeat this process if necessary. If some stains remain, use a soft brush or toothbrush to remove them.

Is The Manduka Meditation & Yoga Cushion a Pregnancy Pillow? 

It is safe to use the Manduka Meditation & Yoga Cushion while pregnant. This meditation cushion is made from buckwheat hulls, so it has no phthalates, styrene and formaldehyde, three dangerous chemicals known to cause congenital disabilities. 

If you still prefer to buy an alternative pillow during pregnancy, consider the Gaiam Premium Zafu.

Meditation Cushion or a Floor Cushion: Which to choose?

If you are looking for convenience, you should go for a floor cushion. It is less expensive than a meditation cushion, and it can be used as a seat cushion or any other type of cushion you want. 

However, the downside of floor cushions is that they do not always provide the back support needed for meditation.

How to choose a Meditation Cushion? 

You should consider your personal needs before choosing meditation cushions. For example, if you want to sit comfortably in a chair, you will not need a unique cushion.

However, if you're going to sit on your knees while meditating, you need a meditation cushion.

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