In my classes you can expect slow, mindful movement with the intention of going deep within our bodies to explore any sensation and emotion that arises. I believe that by exploring these sometimes uncomfortable feelings on our mat we are enabling ourselves to walk more gracefully through our daily lives - physically, emotionally, and spiritually.


To me yoga is a way of life, not meaning that it has to be practiced religiously to achieve a result. But in that it provides a foundation of awareness and wholeness that I carry with me everywhere I go. Yoga has allowed me to establish a deeper connection with myself and those around me by opening my heart to all life has to offer.


I am inspired in my teaching by each and everyone of the amazing and unique teachers here at Love Hive. My teachers, Audra Carmine and Jessica Garay, led me through a life-changing teacher training that allowed me to feel whole and comfortable in my own skin. Being under the guidance of these two strong, courageous women has empowered me to explore my true self, and to find the confidence to share what I have to offer with our community. Being apart of this supportive Love Hive family has allowed me to blossom in ways I never thought possible, and for that I am forever grateful.


My style of teaching is a much slower pace largely inspired by my Yin yoga teacher, Julie Baron and yoga therapist, Paleena Moyer. My ultimate goal is to allow you to feel, and to dive into the subtle layers of the mind body connection to ultimately learn about your self - and to love and embrace your self, exactly as you are. 




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