In my classes, you can expect an intermingling of mysticism and pragmatism. As an astrologer and practitioner of present moment awareness,  my mission is to inform and align my students with the Sun-Moon Cycles. I offer slowed down, juicy flows designed to unify the body, mind, heart and Spirit. Deliberate pauses are punctuated between yoga sequences as an opportunity to feel the inner body. In my classes, you are guided to awaken to the stillness that resides beneath the movement.

To me, yoga is both a moving meditation and a prayer. It’s said that in prayer we speak to the Universe, and in meditation we listen. The gift of yoga, in my estimation, is the quality of both. Carving out the space in life for yoga and meditation can feel like you’re sacrificing something. But I resonate with the quote, “Sacrifice is not what we give up to achieve. Sacrifice is what we offer into the flow of life in the spirit of transformation.” In that regard, I feel yoga is nutritious, and with time, becomes an elixir too delicious to go without.

I am inspired in my teaching by too many to name, but most recently the Love Hive Yoga family, including Audra Carmine, Jessica Garay, Kate Saul, Roger McKeever, and visiting yogis Manorama and Jasmine Tarkeshi. Also, a special pranam to my first yoga and spiritual teacher, Margot Milcetich, director and founder of Brahmrishi Yoga in Kent, Ohio, where my heart hit the floor in sweet reverence for the gift that yoga illuminated inside of me. 

Yoga is the guide map to take you home. I hope you’ll join me there.

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