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Can I Do Pranayama After Drinking Water

Pranayama is a common type of yoga practice that focuses on breathing.

Prana means “life.” It is a vital life force that we all require and possess. As you deconstruct the term pranayama, you should know that Yama means “to acquire control.” 

Breathing is fundamental to the practice of yoga. Some people are unsure whether they should do pranayama after drinking water. 

More importantly, they are uncertain whether they should drink water while performing pranayama. 

This article will discuss whether or not you should do pranayama after drinking water and how it cleanses the prana of toxins.

What is Pranayama?

Pranayama is a Sanskrit word that means “to acquire control of prana.” There are various techniques to practice pranayama.

Which type of pranayama is best?
Therefore, not all methods have the same objective. Some ways may focus on breathing, while others may wish to combine it with other physical exercises. 

In short, pranayama is an advanced technique of yoga. It is important to note that pranayama has three components: control of mind, body, and breath.

After Drinking Water, Perform Pranayama

It is recommended that you wait at least 30 minutes after drinking some water before performing pranayama.

Can we drink water before breathing exercises?
You could also drink water straight after you get up in the morning if you like. It will essentially clear up your bowels and help you prepare for yoga. 

People prepare for pranayama in a variety of ways. Some like to drink tea, while others prepare themselves with oils.

However, it is essential to note that you should generally drink water after being done with pranayama.

Benefits of Drinking Water after Pranayama

Can we drink water after breathing exercise?
  • The water you drink will help build muscles and flush out toxins. Pranayama has many benefits, including the one mentioned above. Many people are also of the opinion that pranayama cleans any toxins from the liver and kidneys. 
The pathway for toxins to be flushed out is usually through urine. Organs such as the heart, lungs and brain will also benefit from this practice.
  • Drinking water will keep your body healthy. Drinking additional water after pranayama is an excellent thing to do. Water will help restore the energy and nutrients you have lost during this exercise. 
Moreover, it will also help you flush out any toxins that might have entered your body during the exercise. 

The point here is that pranayama should always be followed by drinking water at least once every day, if not more often.

  • Some research shows that drinking water immediately after pranayama has a lot of benefits for your body and is also very beneficial for the human body in general.

Why are you unable to do pranayama after drinking water?

Because you can do pranayama to relax or focus, you should not do it when your stomach is full, making breathing exercises more challenging.

It can also affect your body in general, as consuming water might cause bloating and burping, which will prevent you from effectively meditating.

You need a lot of air to enter your lungs to practice different breathing patterns; therefore, breathing can be challenging if there isn’t enough space healthily. 

What about after you’ve eaten?

Even though many people believe differently, you should not do pranayama immediately after eating food. Instead, you should wait at least one hour before doing any breathwork. 

Then, if you can't wait, go for a brief stroll to allow your stomach to settle and become less bloated. 

Drinking water in Hot weather

In hot weather, drink water to cool down your body and give it the hydration that it needs. However, don’t overdo drinking water in this case, as it will make you more dehydrated, leading to symptoms of heatstroke. 

How often should you drink water in hot weather?
If you are in a place where it is hot and humid, then you should perform pranayama in the morning. 

It will help cool your body down after a long night’s rest. Of course, you may also choose to perform pranayama any time of day, but make sure you drink water after you finish your session. 


It is not a problem if you wish to drink water before pranayama. You are free to do so if you so desire. Some people are new to pranayama, while others are more seasoned.

In any case, you should drink some water first thing in the morning before doing pranayama to best prepare your body. 

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