Sheena Donaldson

What is yoga? 

Yoga has always been for me this deeper sense of community. Community with the people around me, with strangers on the street, with mother nature and community with myself. It's a practice of movement connected to breath connected to mind, and with this practice may you find more space for meditation and balance in all aspects of your life. Yoga and all of it's limbs are full of vastness and love, and peeling back these parts is a practice in and of itself. I implore you to come discover those parts with me as we move our bodies and tap into our breath.

What are you interested in sharing?

My classes will strive to be versatile and curious while encouraging you to listen to your bodies. We will explore postures and slower movements while still challenging ourselves. I will make time for breath and meditation while still offering lots of movement and strength building sequences. There will be lots of space for laughter and lightness while we discover what yoga is together!

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