Muladhara Chakra: Aromatherapy and Practice

Our foundation is essential to being able to move in the world with a sense of freedom and peace. If we do not feel safe, grounded, steady, there is not the space or energetic prana available to focus on more in depth practices and the subtleties of living an awake life.

A practice utilizing the Chakra system can be one way to start harnessing our attention and focusing our energy towards connection with earth, our bodies, & the world around us so that we can have a life that is more balanced and easeful.

Muladhara which translates to root chakra, is the first chakra of the 7 located along the spinal column. It is located at the center of the pelvic floor, is associated with the color red, and the bija (or seed) mantra used for this chakra is the sound LAM. It’s main focus in the body is survival, taking care of one’s self and others, and primal instincts. It’s energetic qualities are stability, preservation, sustainability, balance, and awakening. Emotionally it affects one’s confidence, trust in life, & self-esteem. It is associated with the Earth element, with the sense of smell and the nose, and governing the physical plane of existence. Indra, the leader of the devas and God of rain and thunderstorm, is said to govern this area. Brahman & his shakti partner Dakini are part of the bija mantras and are symbols establishing a connection to creation and beginnings. The subtle abode of Ganesha can also be said to govern this area as he is involved in helping with the removal of the obstacles in one’s path that are prohibiting your awakening. The Muladhara symbol is a lotus with 4 petals and a square center.

In aromatherapy practice, we want to use earth scents and oils derived from trees that have roots that grow deep within the earth. These roots symbolize stability, and are grounded in deep foundations and are an ideal way to begin to work with a practice, giving attention, healing, and activation to this area.

We use a combination of frankincense for the connection to the divine realm, vetiver for deep relaxation qualities, and cedar for a sweet and light wood connected to the earth element. Using these oils or Love Hive’s Muladhara Chakra Blend along with a grounding yoga practice can really shift this into a medicine practice that can truly transform and heal. I would recommend hip opening postures such as pigeon, lizard, or malasana (squatting), low to the ground shapes and seats as well as reclined postures. Combining these with mantra and the use of essential oils are all good ways to help encourage connection with Muladhara chakra and it’s energies.

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