Straight from the Source. Why do a 200 Hour Teacher Training, and What Happens Next?

I can still remember the day I decided I was going to join the group of teacher trainees at Love Hive yoga. The day was hot and I was rushing to make a morning yoga class (i know…counterproductive), I was having a hard time finding the temporary studio that Audra and Jessica were teaching in and I was seconds away from driving home and crawling back into bed. I was driving in circles when I finally spotted other yogis headed into a back building, I quickly parked my truck and ran into the studio (2 minutes late) where I was met with Audra and her unwavering kindness and gratitude for my being there for her class. What I realized as soon as I entered that studio was that I was one of many people who wanted to be a part of love hive and their special and unique little community that Audra and Jessica were fast building. The class was filled with exactly what you come to yoga to feel, dharma talk that had you thinking for long after class has ended, singing, sweating, laughing, and so much love. These are the reasons that I decided to partake in the teacher training program and these are the reasons I decided to do it through Love Hive. After class I got my application and I quickly and excitedly filled it out. This day was the start to something that was going to change my life, and I was ready for it…sort of… Now something you need to realize is that when I decided to do this whole teacher training thing, I told myself that I didn't want to be a teacher and that I was only doing it for the experience of doing it. I was one of a few people who felt this way, but when the program ended I couldn't be further away from feeling the way I felt when it first started. I not only wanted to be a teacher, I was a teacher. A very scared, nervous, stuttering teacher, but a teacher nonetheless. I still cannot believe that I go up in front of a group of people and share my heart and the knowledge I have learned. It is so exhilarating and liberating, and terrifying all at once. These are feelings that I am so glad that I took a chance to feel. I have always been terrified of public speaking and although that is still something I struggle with, this experience has helped me grow in amazing ways. My friends, my partner and my family are always talking about how much I've changed and the cool part is, I see that change too. As I’m typing this I’m realizing that I sound like a sales person, but the thing is I actually feel this way and I really believe in what I'm saying. It’s a good feeling. The program itself and all the parts are something I truly miss. Not the part where we had to wake up before the sun, but you know what? yes, that part too. Coming in to the studio all sleepy eyed, wrapping ourselves in warm blankets and sitting there in the darkness in a state of meditation together, then chanting a mantra before we set up to practice yoga together, while geek-ing out on all the parts of the body was amazing and something I wont soon forget. There were so many beautiful parts to this experience. The sutra talks, where you get together in this little circle of book discussion and talk about the sutras and your interpretation of them. Everyone gets a chance to say something and put in their thoughts or ideas. It really is something I still miss. Plus all the amazing workshops, learning about anatomy and meeting guest teachers was so informative and fun. I really could go on and on. The best part for me was choosing to do my teacher training somewhere that I felt was building a strong community of teachers and practitioners. Audra and Jessica really rooted for me and helped set me up for success. I always have felt safe and at ease being able to reach out to them about anything and Im beyond happy to be a student and a teacher at Love Hive. This program has given me such a thirst for knowledge and it truly has changed my life and my practice and Im so grateful for the experience.

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