Ayurveda Tips for Fall: Transitioning into Vata Season

It is happening, it's officially fall. The days are shorter, the nights a little cooler, change seems to be all around us. With this shift also comes a season in Ayurveda that we refer to as Vata. Vata represents the elements of air, and space. When out of balance Vata can come through as restlessness, chapped or dry feeling, constipation, interrupted sleep and bloating. This is a time to create routine in your life and stick to it.

Try to create a grounding practice, both physically, energetically and with your food.

A few really great things to incorporate into your life during vata season...

1. Eat warm cooked foods- Stews, soups, steamed root veggies, brown wild rice

2. Broths- Bone broth, veggie broths are both so nourishing for the body. You can sip on these throughout the day

3. HOT Beverages- Tea, warm/steamed milk or milk alternative, turmeric tea, ginger tea, hot water with lemon..

4. Healthy Fats- Coconut oil, Ghee, avocado, sesame oil, olive oil, nuts

After all is said and done, take care of yourself. Whatever that may look like for you. Rest when needed, take time to nourish yourself, because then we can show up more fully for life. Our family, friends, work, and all the other things that come up.

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