Warm The Body, Heal The Gut.

Bone broth is an ancient food that many cultures have made a consistent part of their diet for ages.

The benefits of bone broth are remarkable and extensive. Everything from being high in amino acids, rich in collagen, helping boost the immune system, aids in leaky gut syndrome and has been shown to help overcome food intolerances. Below are some advantages of consuming bone broth and why you may want to consider saving those bones after Thanksgiving!

1. PROTECTS THE JOINTS - Bone broth is one of the foods highest in collagen that our body can easily absorb. Collagen is the protein found in vertebrae from animals. As we get older naturally we loose cartilage as it gets attacked by antibodies. As you cook bone broth and it simmers for hours, collagen from the bones is released and more easily absorbed in our own body helping to restore cartilage.

2. GOOD FOR THE GUT - Bone broth is high in gelatin which studies have shown can help rebuild the lining of the gut and aid in fighting food sensitivities (wheat, dairy). This nutrient dense broth can rebuild the good probiotics that live in our tummy. Drink up!

3. SUPPORTS A HEALTHY IMMUNE SYSTEM - Bone broth is great for the gut, it also benefits our immune system playing a part in the overall function and inflammation response. Collagen, gelatin, amino acids proline, glutamine and arginine help seal the openings in the gut and support gut integrity. If we maintain a healthy gut, our immune system can function at its highest level.

4. PROMOTES DETOXIFICATION - Bone broth holds potassium and glycine which support liver detoxification. On a daily basis most of us are exposed to hundreds and hundreds of toxins. Our body has its own system to help fight off these toxins, but at times it has a hard time keeping up. Bone broth helps the digestive system expel waste and promotes the liver’s ability to remove toxins and maintain tissue integrity.


1. Always buy animal products that you know are pasture fed and free of antibiotics and hormones.

2. Add apple cider vinegar to water prior to adding bones or veggies. This will help extract the nutrients from the bones.

3. Cook low and slow. This process of cooking will ensure you receive the most nutrients from the bones.

4. Once done cooking and cooled, a layer of fat will form and harden on the top. This helps protect the broth underneath and only discard right before you are ready to consume.

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