Creating An At Home Sanctuary.

November 27, 2017

You may be familiar with that feeling of walking into your favorite yoga studio and immediately being met with a sense of calm and ease. The smell, the lighting, the sounds, the overall energy of the space does something to you. 


What helps a space feel inviting and safe? How can we recreate this at home? Producing a more peaceful environment, that you want to in leads to more self care. Self care comes through in our relationships, we become better friends, lovers, parents, and human beings. Studies show when we feel at ease in our environment, when we can fully relax our nervous system responds to that in a positive way. 


Below we have narrowed it down to what we think could help you create your own yoga sanctuary at home:



1. Simplify - You may have read or come across the book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying up. This book changed me perception of stuff, things. I started to look at what was taking up space in my home, taking up room, energy.  What purpose was it serving? It feels satisfying to declutter and remove things that are not serving us. This is one easy way to help remove distractions and to simplify. 


2. Ambiance aka lighting - If you don't have one yet, try to get a floor lamp, or grab a couple candles. Christmas lights are my favorite, all year round because they are soft and low lit. Fluorescent light can feel harsh as you are trying to relax. 


3. Intentionally Decorate - When decorating your space, or sanctuary this is an opportunity to create an alter, a place of dedication. This can be as simple or extravagant as you would like. A few things you may consider on your alter...important photos, Mala beads, candles, incense, crystals, stones, plants. Things that hold meaning and inspire you, words that ground you, poems that touch your heart. 


4. Bolster/Meditation pillow - We get it, sitting on the hard ground can be uncomfortable. A couple pillows or even a bolster are great to have in your space. They will support you in seated meditation and help with proper alignment of the spine. You may notice yourself sitting on the floor more with these items, contributing to that feeling of being connected to the earth. 


We hope these few steps will help inspire you to create a space at home that is yours. A space that feels safe, a place to refuel and come back to. We all need this. Take time to invest in you. 


Let us know of anything else you do at home to help with this or other steps you find useful in creating your at home yoga sanctuary. 

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