Stress Sucks. Yoga Helps.

We have all felt it.

The frantic turning and spinning. Searching for solutions. Rushing from one place to the next. Feeling overrun, overdue, underfunded, and out of answers. There’s breathlessness, nervousness, irritation, lashing out, hiding out, sleepless nights, and crabby mornings. At some time or another, most everyone has felt this way. Maybe it was a big life transition like a new baby or a new job. Maybe its planning your wedding or your parents are ill. Maybe you’re ending a relationship. The reasons why we get to the place vary but the symptoms are pretty universal.

--- ANXIETY ---

AKA: stress, stressed out, nervousness, restlessness, agitation, worry (and more)

Let's pause here and differentiate between an anxiety disorder or mental health diagnosis and what I am addressing here. What I am referring to would be categorized as common emotional stress and the challenges that most people experience in living busy modern lives. I want to distinguish this because without defining the terms we might miss the opportunity for growth. When people hear the word anxiety, they often immediately think of mental illness. Although many of us struggle with mental illnesses, those words tend to lead the average person to think of the most severe cases and symptoms and count themselves apart from it all together. They’ll say, "that’s not me, I don’t have anxiety. Sure, I get stressed out from time to time. Sure I feel irritated when I’m overwhelmed but I dont’ have anxiety. I’m fine". What I’d like people to take away from this is that although you may be “fine”, your body may not be all that fine with even moderate amounts of consistent stress. The average modern person experiences stress weekly, if not daily. From new age healers to MDs in the hospital, everyone agrees that stress is not only unhealthy but it is also deadly. In addition to the negative impacts on our bodies, when we are stressed and worried, we are farther away from things like connection in relationships, empathy and compassion for others and ourselves, connection to a higher source, and straight up heart beaming joy is harder to come by when we feel flat out busted and overextended. And although I believe these practices and teachings can help heal even some pretty severe mental anxiety, these practices can help anyone move from just fine to great. And wouldn’t you rather be great? .

So hopefully I’ve got your attention.

Because seriously;

I want you to feel more joy in your life.

Right now.


And I have ideas on how I can help.

It starts in our bodies. It starts in our nervous systems. It starts by taking back the driver’s wheel from over-do-it suzy/sam who gets us all worked up. We start putting our highest self in the driver’s seat. And as our body becomes more grounded and rooted, we open up our lives to a limitless and vast potential. I don’t know anyone who isn’t interested in having a more joyous life. I want to normalize the idea that we all have stress/overwhelm/worry/anxiety so that we can stop living in isolated suffering and start connecting with each other and find the support we need to live better.

So maybe you’re like, “I have 3 kids, 2 jobs, no partner, too many partners, etc and I have no time to be able to be all grounded”.

I hear you! It is a busy world out there. What if you could start by even 5 minutes a day and that could dramatically shift your day? Would you give more joy 5 minutes of your time?

I have lots of quick and easy tips to help your nervous system calm down when life is all hot mess city. When we learn how to better de-escalate from these states and realize that our brains are hard-wired for survival yet not necessarily for enlightened joy, we can recognize their vast potential as a tool and take our seat as the master sculptor of our lives. I am not talking about sitting around and OM-ing all day (although you totally can). I’m talking about how can you either be the person screaming at the car in front of them on their way to work which sets them up for a day of irritability OR you can be the person who feels stressed in traffic yet in a matter of minutes they move into presence and connection and are whistling their favorite tune as they stroll into the office. They both arrive at the destination in the same amount of time. Whether one feels light and joyous or pissed and stressed is matter of technique. I want you to begin to fill in the cracks of your life where stress seeps in and carry on being you yet in a much more blissful mood.

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See you on the mat!

Blissed and blessed!


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