There is no such thing as being "good" at yoga!

I hear this all the time when people talk to me about being too intimidated to try yoga. "I would do it, but I'm just not good at it." The idea of being "good" at yoga is like trying to be good at breathing. We all have full capability of doing it. Sure, you can breathe more

slowly, more mindfully than someone else, but still, every single person can do it.

Step one: simply showing up is being "good" at yoga. If you are willing to show up for yourself, sit, breath and be present in your body and human experience then you are doing the good work.

As anything goes in life, consistency is key. No one walked into their first yoga class nailing every single posture, responding to every single queue and having the most peaceful savasana ever. It all takes time, patience and consistency. It is called practice for a reason. You have to continue to show up in order to grow. My most honest advice is to be gentle with yourself.

I know it can be intimidating to not be able to do certain poses, or not catch on as quickly as the rest of the class, but the purpose of yoga is not to compare yourself to those around you, but to be able to drop into your own experience and feel good in your body. You are not "failing" or "bad" at yoga if you can't nail a pose. You are excelling simply by trying the pose!

I promise you, if you just show up you will be "good". If you show up consistently you will be great.

If you are intimidated to try yoga here are some things you can do:

  1. Research before you go - try to find yoga studios that have classed geared toward newcomers to yoga. Almost every yoga I've practiced at has a special offering for beginners. Yin and Hatha styles are always great places to start.

  2. Ask for personal stories - talk to a yogi friend about their journey. What were some of their favorite resources as they embarked on their yoga journey? What do they wish they knew then that they know now?

  3. Everything is online - there are 1000s of apps, videos, YouTube channels that can help you dip your toe into yoga. Try one.

  4. Just do it - try to release any excuses or pressure you have on yourself and step outside your comfort zone. Just try it. Whats the worst that can happen? You feel relaxed, present and amazing in your body? - Doesn't sound so bad huh?

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