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Making Sound While Doing Bikram Yoga – Know Why?

When most people think about doing Bikram Yoga, the things that come to their mind are – 90-degree heat, the uncomfortable positions, and the strict teacher who makes you practice until you are exhausted. 

But there is another aspect of Bikram Yoga that is much less known, and that is why people make sounds while they are practising. As you will learn, this has a significant benefit for your mental and physical health. 

Many people find it difficult or impossible to do the entire sequence without making some sound that is often referred to as "yoga groans." But why do people make these noises? 

If you’ve never tried Bikram Yoga before, you might be wondering, “why do people make sounds when they are doing it?” Well, I don’t know for sure, but here are some possibilities:

What Bikram yoga does to your body?
  • During Bikram Yoga, the practitioner usually has no airflow due to their heavy breathing. As a result, the body is unable to regulate the temperature but instead produces saliva at times. 
Therefore, the sounds are produced when the practitioner expels air through their nose as they cannot breathe through their mouths.
  • The body naturally responds with gasps of air that are short, quick, and sharp due to physical exertion. These are accompanied by heavy breathing, which can also cause sounds during Bikram Yoga practice.
  • Some people may be imitating the sounds that the instructor makes and starts a trend among students.
  • During a difficult pose, yoga practitioners, implement a “groan” or “gasp” to signal that they are at their limit. 
The sound produced during Bikram Yoga is similar to the sound made when snoring, caused by turbulence in the airway.

 You are probably wondering what effect could these sounds have on you. Well, the truth is that they are pretty helpful to you for several reasons, some of which are explained below:

  • Sound can help you focus because it occupies your mind. It is not necessary to make the sounds, though, as it is enough that you breathe heavily while you are practising Bikram Yoga to get the same effect.
  • Some people find the sound annoying while others feel relaxed by it. The sound can help you understand how much work your body needs to do to keep you alive.
  • While the sounds are loud, they are pretty soft and muffled by your eardrum, making them much less intrusive than other noises constantly present in our lives.


Can you get in shape with Bikram yoga?

Bikram yoga involves some critical poses that need good stretches and holds for a longer period. Making sounds while doing Bikram yoga makes it easy to pull off the poses.

There are many benefits to making sounds while you practice Bikram Yoga. You can also read our bikram yoga 26 poses article here.

We hope that the article has answered your query about why people make sounds doing Bikram Yoga, and how these sounds can be used to improve your health!

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