With Love Hive Yoga Co-founders, Audra Carmine and Jessica Garay

Are you looking for concrete ways to access your inner power, harness your potential and bust out into this life with a new purpose and an integrated vision?

No more waiting.

It is time to put in the energy and dedication into yourself.


Become the creator of your life.

There are limitless possibilities and your fullest potential awaits.



My intention is to help promote your inner healing and give you the tools and practices that will empower you to move towards a compassionate, loving, and healthful relationship with yourself. From there, I truly believe, you have limitless potential and can embody your highest self. My goal is to guide you along the pathway there and support you as you step into the innate blessings that live within you and are waiting to be given the nourishment and care to emerge and bloom.


There is a vastness that lives within each and everyone of us. This immeasurable potency is a direct channel to intuition, the divine, your inner wisdom, and an infinite wellspring that supports us to live from a place that feels integrated and whole. Each of us is capable of full and profound healing. And this is possible at any moment. No matter what it is we are working to overcome. Our bodies and spirits are designed to seek balance. The goal of working together, is to help you to awaken to your own inner intuition and discover how to tap into the power within you.


During our sessions together, I will support your energetic body to unblock, transform, unite, and balance. Using energy medicine and the movement of prana/chi or life force energy, we will uproot mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic patterns that no longer serve you and gain insight into how to meet your growth edges so that you can work to expand beyond them. Your body and subtle body will give us direct instructions on what you can do to help to heal yourself, relieve stress, and see through challenges. If you have been suffering from heart ache, feel stagnant, are unsure what your next steps are, or are seeking to reconnect with your highest self, then you have found a place to begin. We will use the tools of meditation, energy medicine, embodied mindfulness, conscious discussions, practical spirituality, and both traditional & modern spiritual practices. From our sessions, you can expect conversation, quietude, energy work, and assignments to begin shifting your life experiences today. Our work together will be focused on listening to your personal inner wisdom as well as how the divine channels of energy communicate through your subtle body to discover what skills are going to serve you to find healing and empowerment and then how to take those skills home with you until they are integrated into your daily life. No matter what has happened, is happening, or will happen, you will learn to meet your life from a place of rooted connection to your own inner reservoir and infinite integrity. From that place, anything and everything is possible. I have done this work myself and spent the past 15 years working to get here. I have used the practices of yoga, energy, spirituality, meditation, and mindfulness to overcome trauma and the resulting PTSD. It is my life's work to heal transformationally. I am here to help support you to do the same. 

In addition to the 12-month Spirit Coach program, I offer singular appointments for those looking to experience the work before committing or for those who feel they would be best served by working together fewer times. These appointments cost $250 and are 1.5-2hrs. Please email me directly if you are interested in this kind of service at jessica@lovehiveyoga.com 



Audra's primary focus as a Spirit Coach is on creating a loving, connected relationship with your whole person through re-remembering how to hear and trust your inner guide so that you can empower yourself to take the path that is most genuine to you and your gifts. Intuition is your birth right!!


How can we let our inner knowing serve as the power behind movement and engagement with our work, relationships, ourselves and our spiritual practices? What's standing between you being fully egaged with your potential, with your fullest power? How can you let go of your limiting belief systems and the voices of others and move toward living your freeest, most connected life? Your inner truth, your particular brand of beingness, was born into this world to learn and grow, and it is only through cultivating an intimate-self-accepting relationship with the unique form that is you, that you can begin to move into the fullest expression of yourself. This means choosing love over fear again and again. This means doing the spiritual work of boundaries to protect your own light so you don't succumb to overwhelm and fatigue. This means beginning to trust yourself again. This means being okay and accepting of imperfection and learning from perceived failures. This means leaning into gratitude and the power of transforming your mind and heart through dedicated practice. Spirit Coaching sessions will focus on practical tools that you can weave into your daily life in order to cultivate a sweet, loving, trusting relationship with you.


As a very young woman, Audra received the gift of having a child, and it was only from leaning into her intuition and trusting that one small quiet voice inside herself that she stepped fully into motherhood, and then eventually into business entrepenuriship. By the time she was twenty five, Audra owned and operated her own business and was raising a four year old child on her own. This profoundly impacted her relationship with the world, spirit and herself. Knowing that she wanted to contribute to society in a deeper way, Audra eventually found her calling as a boss-babe-entrepeneur AND a yoga teacher with Love Hive Yoga and has served the world through training, inspiring and guiding thousands of students toward a deeper connection with self, truth and spirit.


Audra's specialties are practical spirituality, body image, boundary work, asking questions, and tapping your into your own inner wisdom so that you might live more freely, more often, in all directions--light and love, shadow and earth. 

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Spirit Coach Program is a 12-month individualized transformation program. You will meet with Jessica Garay or Audra Carmine once per month for an in-depth personalized lesson on your path towards a fuller, more integrated, and empowered experience of your relationship with yourself, life, and spirit. Each month you will be given specific home practices and spiritual homework that is designed to meet you where you most need it. Audra is bringing the joy revolution with the tools and practices from her Be The Light program. Jessica is offering her crafted lessons from Goddess School centered on the chakra system, mantra, and accessible spirituality. Each month, in addition to your individual private session with Audra or Jessica, you will receive email support once per week, a personalized yoga asana practice, and an audio meditation, energetic practice, and/or mantra.


Due to the focused attention and dedication that each student will receive, Spirit Coach Sessions are limited to a very small number of students. You are invited to commit to your personal evolution and spiritual growth by taking part in this deeply enriching 12 month program. This commitment will give you the experience of profound possibilities that a steady and continuous practice can offer. You will be able to walk away with vast new understanding of your own personal practice, access to a vibrant home practice, and a deeper sense of your path towards your fullest potential. After purchasing, you will be emailed to set up your first session with either Jessica or Audra. Please have your preference for whom you would like to study with ready. We look forward to supporting you on your journey and being your guide on the road to realization. 




PAY IN FULL: $1999

PAYMENT PLAN: 12 monthly payments of $199

Individual Appointments

In addition to the 12-month Spirit Coach program, Jessica & Audra offer singular appointments for those looking to experience the work before committing or for those who feel they would be best served by working together fewer times. 


These appointments cost $250 and are 1.5-2hrs.

Please email us directly if you are interested in this kind of service.

The fine print:

Congratulations on your first step in radical transformation. We are grateful and excited to begin this deep and important work with you. Please note that this is a 12-month program. You will be charged $199 every month for 12 months. At the end of 12 months, this contract will automatically expire and you will no longer be charged. You are committing to the entire 12-month program and there will be no refunds for cancelations or missed time. You are responsible for scheduling your first session.

Please email lovehiveyoga@gmail.com to begin.

Please note in your email if you plan on working with the Be The Light method with Audra Carmine or the Goddess School method with Jessica Garay. 

Please note, Spirit Coach sessions are not a replacement for therapy.

Please check with your current mental health professional to see if this is the right fit for you as an additional wellness support.

Spirit Coach sessions are educational services for improving ones contentment and experiences of wellbeing by using yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and practical tips.

Spirit Coach sessions are not therapy. If you are searching for a therapist, please contact lovehiveyoga@gmail.com and we will send you a referral list of local practitioners. 

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