Audra Carmine

Co-Director & Co-Founder of Love Hive Yoga

Through years of practice and study with her teachers Christina Sell, Manorama, Jasmine Tarkeshi and Gioconda Parker, Audra has discovered that Yoga is the potent process by which we awaken to our full potential, which is love, which is divine. Yoga is like defogging the soul window. When the connection to our fullest potential is explored both on the mat--in the great laboratory of mindful asana practice--as well as in our relationships and work, we awaken to the possibility of freedom and joy in our daily lives. The cultivation of this awareness through the daily ritual of practice is what interests Audra. Audra uses the tools and disciplines of asana, pranayama, philosophy and even our outer physical alignment to grow her mindfulness practice, and the understanding that connection is truth.  An asana geek at heart, Audra has a refined capacity to use the art of language to help her students engage more fully in their bodies and in their lives. In this training Audra will demystify the process by which we begin to be sensitive explorers of our own own internal experience, thus deepening the conversation we have with our body, mind, breath and heart so that we can begin to articulate our own internal experience.  This is the beginning, and from there, we begin the process of sharing the practice.  From this work comes a great love and respect of our own bodies and hearts whether we choose to move forward into the world of teaching or simply deepen our relationship with ourselves.

Jessica Garay

Co-Director & Co-Founder of Love Hive Yoga

Jessica's approach to teaching is light-hearted, curious, loving, nourishing, full of laughter, and inspired by her spritual practice and yoga philosophy. A true kapha/pitta, she has a deep love for challanging asanas especially inversions or arm balances yet equally endulges in restorative and therapuetic shapes. She is most interested in helping to facilitate our connection with our inner selves and enjoying life's mystical and magical ride. With a grateful heart for the rich and deep connections she has to various lineages of Yoga and paths of the teachings, Jessica is most influenced by her teachers Manorama, Jasmine Tarkeshi, Christina Sell, Dharma Mittra, and Kira Sloane. 

Jessica Garay has been on her mat for over 15 years and began teaching in 2009. She has completed trainings at both the 200 & 500 hour level and has taught well over 3000 hours of classes, workshops, trainings, and retreats. She feels extremely grateful for the teachings, for her students who help guide her continually and offer her multiple opportunities for learning and growth, and for the sangha (community) that has blossomed and is thriving at her yoga home of Love Hive.

In this training, Jessica hopes to enliven the teachings and apply them to our everyday lives, to help students discover a practical and applicable vision for how to do so, and how this can help all of us find deeper connections with ourselves and each other as well as give us a pathway to lifelong learning and growing. In addition to all of the multitude of benefits from a personal practice, Jessica is also committed to helping teachers learn to teach, to embrace teaching yoga with pride and professionalism, and to help teachers find how they can authentically participate in the industry of yoga while still remaining true to the practices and teachings of the lineages.

Fawn Williams

Yoga Therapist and Practical Anatomy Instructor

Fawn Williams was raised by two visual artists who first taught her anatomy through experiences like casting her hands in plaster, sculpting a human body from clay, and watching figure drawing classes in her living room. Fawn started training in movement in kindergarten with gymnastics, then to switched to contemporary dance and martial arts through college and beyond. Her yoga asana practice began in 1996 in San Francisco when vinyasa was all the rage. Her mother brought her to kirtan and meditation retreats starting around age four, and eventually Fawn fleshed out and combined all eight limbs of yoga into her practice. She’s trained with Doug Keller, John Friend, Sarahjoy Marsh, Todd Jackson, and Annie Adamson among others, and has Physical and Occupational Therapy shadow hours. Founder of wellness programs at Pacific Northwest College of Art and Oregon College of Art and Craft, Fawn also teaches in the Dance Department at Portland Community College. A Fine Arts major, Fawn leans on her visual training while teaching anatomy.

Kelly Sunrose

E-RYT 200 & RYT 500 & Subtle Body Instructor

Kelly Sunrose, RYT500, E-RYT200 will take you far and deep into the secrets of yoga. Kelly has spent years of practice and study in her personal yoga lab, connecting the traditional yoga texts to the path of the modern yogis, and she guides students into a space of safety, inquiry and experimentation so that they can recognize their inner tools to actually know the teachings in their own bodies and trust the wisdom of their own experience. Kelly offers a way of engaging with the study and practice of yoga that invites students to embody it in everyday life. Often the entry point to this work is in the physical yoga practice and leads to practice in the subtle realm of mudra, meditation, mantra, pranayama, ayurveda and communication. Kelly has been studying and practicing yoga for the past two decades. She has been sitting in the seat of a yoga teacher since 2006 and began her study of tantra and ayurveda that same year. Kelly continues to study with beloved teachers Kira Ryder, Erich Schiffmann, Patricia Sullivan, Ravi Ravindra, Richard Rosen and many others to whom she offers love, pranams and gratitude.


Founder of Sanskrit Studies & The Luminous Soul Method

Manorama evokes healing through the universal arts of language and conscious living. “Happiness,” she often says, “is the free flow of energy, and communication is energy. When we use our voices authentically and confidently, we create harmony between ourselves and others.” 
A renowned, highly respected teacher, Manorama offers Sanskrit Studies Methodprograms for yoga teacher trainings, as well as Luminous Soul Method trainings and retreats. She tours the globe, training students in the Sanskrit Studies Method and the Luminous Soul Method.

Through the Sanskrit Studies Method Manorama offers a direct, easy and joyful approach to learning Sanskrit, encouraging her students to focus on core principles of learning, the dynamic sound qualities of the language and it’s philosophical beauty. Grammar becomes fun and playful.

In the Luminous Soul Method students learn about the nine pillars, which will make your life rich with wisdom, understanding and joy. The Luminous Soul Method fuses sacred Eastern and Western philosophy and shows you how to integrate them into your everyday life.

Combining her earthly charm with a healthy dose of humor, Manorama guides students in bridging the ordinary with the spiritually sublime.

Yoga teachers and students alike treasure Manorama’s recordings on Patanjali’s Yoga Sutra, Learn to Chant Yoga Invocations and Learn to Pronounce Yoga Poses. Celebrated for her haunting melodies in chanting, and her precision in pronunciation, Manorama is featured on numerous albums, including Invocation (with Krishna Das and Ty Burhoe) and Wade Morisette’s, Maha Moha: The Great Delusion.

Manorama earned a B.A. in Film at Columbia University, where she also studied linguistics.

Jasmine Tarkeshi

Co-founder of Laughing Lotus NYC & SF

Jasmine Tarkeshi is the Co-Founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in NYC and SF and co-creator of Lotus Flow TM Vinyasa Yoga and Teacher Training. Jasmine has been a devoted student of the ancient transformative practices of Yoga for over 23 years and is a master teacher, teaching for over 18 years. She has shared her joy, wisdom and passion for yoga to students around the world as well as teaching teacher trainings for 15 years. Born into a mystical tradition, she was raised in the Tibetan Buddhist teachings of Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche by her mother and teacher, Alice Tarkeshi. Jasmine has had the honor of studying with a large number of the great teachers, saints, sages, mystics, masters and madmen of yoga’s vast healing traditions of Integral Yoga, Sivananda, Kundalini, Iyengar,vinyasa, bhakti, aryuveda, karma, tantra, yantra, meditation and mantra as well as with the great contemporary masters Sharon Gannon and David Life who truly turned her on to being a Yogi in the world living in NYC in the 1990’s where she also met her creative partner Dana Flynn and SadGuru Ammchi, Mata Amritananda Mayima to whom she owes all. She is also so grateful to have studied and taught retreats with Baba Bhagavan Das steeping in the Bhakti Tradition learning the ancient and sacred art of Puja, Mantras and Chanting. Her vast knowledge of yogic texts and the world’s great spiritual traditions and her ability to weave this wisdom throughout her classes has made her highly sought teacher both nationally and internationally and has garnered her the moniker Yogapedia. But her current Guru is her 20 month old Daughter, Indigo Lila who she has the honor of raising with her husband Raoul learning everyday the holy teachings of being present to this precious human and sacred life.

Jasmine’s Lotus Flow Classes are inspiring, passionate and profoundly transformative and come from a lifetime of spiritual exploration, creative expression and the blessings and inevitable difficulties of daily life. Her classes combine the dharma of yoga philosophy and allied traditions, mantra, thoughtful, inventive sequencing, soulful music, physical and emotional intensity as well as wisdom and humor to create a challenging, integrated yogic experience that awakens us and brings forth our natural qualities of courage, compassion and joyful energy. By bringing out these inherent, dormant qualities, Jasmine helps her students to live an authentic, conscious, happy and healthy life both on and off the mat so that they may feel better, live better, and better heal and serve the world.

Christina Sell

Co-founder of The San Marcos School of Yoga

Christina Sell has been practicing asana since 1991 and teaching since 1998. Known for her passion, clarity and creativity, Christina's teaching style is a dynamic and challenging blend of inspiration, humor and hard work. Masterful at synthesis, Christina’s ability to harvest and transmit the unique contributions of various of yoga methods is unparalled. Christina believes that yoga practice can help anyone access their  inner wisdom, authentic spirituality and clarify their highest personal expression. 

Christina is the author of Yoga From the Inside Out: Making Peace with Your Body Through Yoga and My Body is a Temple: Yoga as a Path to Wholeness.  Christina has as BA in Counseling and Education and an MA in Integrative Education and Curriculum Design. Christina is the founder and director The San Marcos School of Yoga and Christina Sell Yoga Programs and Trainings. Christina draws inspiration from many master teachers in Iyengar Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Anusara Yoga and  Bikram Yoga.  Christina Sell maintains an active teaching schedule presenting seminars locally, nationally and internationally. She is a devoted student of Western Baul master, Lee Lozowick, and credits his Influence as the spiritual inspiration behind her life and work.

 Christina resides in San Marcos, TX with her husband, a retired greyhound and three cats. She enjoys practicing yoga, writing, reading, cooking, hiking, mountain biking, whitewater kayaking and stand up paddleboarding.  

Julie Baron

Yin Yoga Trainer & LMT & LAc

Julie Baron has been practicing yoga and qigong since she was a teenager. Her personal practice has been illuminated by teachers in the yin yoga, vinyasa, kundalini, anusara, zen, qigong, tai chi and gongfu traditions. In addition to being inspired by the transformative practices of self-awareness, she has over ten years experience as a bodyworker, specializing in myofascial release. For seven years, she has worked with the subtle energy flows in the body as an acupuncturist. Julie has a unified way of seeing the body that incorporates all of these traditions. She began teaching in 2006 and naturally gravitated towards teaching Yin, where many of these practices share common ground. Her understanding of functional anatomy combined with cultivation methods invite a profound experience of Yin Yoga.

Julie's journey began with massage therapy as a self-employed massage therapis. She has received extensive training in various modalities of therapy such as Zen Shiatsu and Swedish and Thai Massage, as well as a 900 hour Tuina (Chinese Medical Massage) course. Julie received her Master's degree from Oregon College of Oriental Medicine in Portland, Oregon, acclaimed as one of the best institutes outside of Asia for Chinese Medicine.

Julie's influences in the teachings of yin comes from nearly two decades of personal cultivation experience (Taoist Qigong practices and Internal Martial Arts) with her most influential teachers in this tradition being Tony Della Croce, John Blue, Yoshi Nakano, and David Price. She began studying the theory of Yin Yoga from Joe Barnett and Debbie Daly, two of Paul Grilley's early students, in 2007. The concepts are all rooted in Chinese medicine which she has been working with for nearly two decades. The anatomy component tension vs compression was pivitol in her perception of the teachings and changed the way she shared yoga in all styles. Michelle Marks, a student of Sarah Powers, one of the founders of Yin Yoga, taught Julie much about the dance and flow of Yin Yoga. However her deepest and most authentic experiences come from years of Taoist Qigong and Internal Martial Arts training cultivating an average of a two hour per daily Qi practice for over 18 years. 


Yin Yoga is based upon the anatomy of the bones and fascia. Having already studied the physiology of fascia and bones as a massage therapist and acupuncturist, Julie learned the most about fascia (patterns of tension, adhesions, laxity and tensile strength) from her martial arts teacher, Sylas Navar. Even though he never taught her Yin Yoga class, she learned uncountable lessons about Yin Yoga while studying with him for two years in Portland. Julie accredit him as her greatest teacher.

Todd Jackson

Yoga Educator & Biodynamic Massage & Cranial Sacral Therapist

Todd Jackson guides students to balance the sensations of weight distribution, directional movement and tissue resiliency within. Known for his sequencing skills and sophisticated hands-on adjustments, Todd catalyzes students' inner-body integration. Teaching classes, workshops, retreats and advanced studies courses since 1997, Todd has presented over 7,000 hours of innovative and grounded content inspired by long term studies with Donald Moyer and Mary Lou Weprin, senior Iyengar instructors at The Yoga Room in Berkeley.  More info can be found at  

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