We are all deserving of 

love and connection.


Love Hive seeks to provide a studio culture where all students feel welcome and free. We offer accessible teachings that are relatable, and applicable to the real world. We are into laughter, fun, and being in practice together. All walks of life, spiritual beliefs, levels, and bodies are welcome.

Moving mindfully with our breath, in the presence of a supportive community is a great idea.  These simple acts support us in cultivating connection with ourselves and our bodies so that we might go forth into the world,  be creative, make mistakes, love fully, dare greatly, and live to our fullest potential.  Yoga is interested in your fullest potential.


Welcome home, Portland.  We can't wait to practice with you.




In all the ways in which we work in the world, we have distilled our core values down to 6 main components. These organically arose from our own personal practices and the vision we had for this community. Every offering is infused with the six pillars, each making a point on the hexagon that forms our Hive. The heart in the center is what comes into alignment naturally when all of these components are being integrated which leads to supportive, nourishing, inspiring, and extraordinary teachings, experiences, community, and yoga.


All our welcome and are equal in value and deserving of love and kindness.



Love Hive regularly donates to ACLU, Planned Parenthood, Black Lives Matter, and other organizations that support our beliefs and help to better the world and all beings. We also incorporate opportunities to give back and volunteer during retreats. Locally, we have started a Yoga Scholarship that gives unlimited yoga memberships at a deep discount to those who would not otherwise have the financial means to access yoga. Being a Member at Love Hive helps to support all of these causes. 



Love Hive is an education centered yoga studio. We believe that we are more than just guides in movement practice but are yoga educators and look to bring new insight and inspiration to our students. We also offer many ways in which to deepen your practice and knowledge through trainings for students as well as trainings for teachers. We bring in internationally renowned teachers who are experts in their fields to offer workshops to our community and deepen our understanding of the teachings. 



We truly would not be here if it were not for community. Being able to have fellow yogis walk along side you on your path is not only inspiring but deeply nourishing and supportive. We want a studio that is friendly and welcoming and truly fosters opportunities for people to deepen their relationships with each other, build friendships, and have a community that they can rely on for support. One of the ways we help to foster this is by offering FREE MEMBERSHIP YOGA LABS every month as a way to help deepen your practice but also get to know your fellow students. 



We believe that it is through relationships that we do some of our deepest work. We often integrate ways in which to foster growth both on and off the mat. Connection to ones self is how we become resilient and thriving in our own lives, connection to others sustains us, and connection to the divine nourishes us from an inexhaustible source. 



We believe that yoga is a practice of spirituality but we also believe in freedom. We want you to find the spiritual practices that resonate with you and bring you alive with Light. We work with many traditions and leave the spirit doorway open so that each can feel comfortable to explore and practice what is working for them. We also practice acceptance and tolerance for all beliefs and both teachers and students are free to believe in the ideologies that work best for them and to leave judgement at the door. 


This was a community waiting to emerge. 
Our story isn't one of saints and sages or distant mystical lands. It gritty and raw and full of real life. We are mothers who garden and sometimes leave dirty dishes in the sink. We are friends and peers who do the work of showing up day after day even when it isn't easy. Yoga saved us. And we have been paying her gifts forward since the day she enchanted us with her sweet embrace, deep understanding, & vast magic. 
Jessica Garay and Audra Carmine have been working the teachings of yoga into their daily lives for a couple decades. Having shared much of the path together, their collaborations took on new meaning with the opening of Love Hive Yoga in Portland, Oregon in 2015. As said by the psychic who consulted on their business blessing, "the Queen Bee is Love, as long as that remains at the heart of this business, it will grow to be of great service to many." With that intention in mind, we set out to create a home for yogis that is warm, welcoming, authentic, and full of Love! It is together that we are stronger and it is our sangha that fills The Hive with the sweet nourishing nectar of life. 
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