Inversions with Keri Saul

Saturday: January 25th 

2:30 - 5:00pm




Led by senior Love Hive Yoga teachers, these experiential workshops are designed to elevate your skills and your practice. Focused on one area of asana (yoga poses) each session is a complete investigation of posture work, breaking down techniques, skill building drills, strengthening work, and tips & tricks for advancing your asana. This is a continuing education yoga lab that will help you stay inspired in your personal growth as a student, build your relationships with more challenging poses, and discover how much of a badass you truly are!


What is the scariest part of inversions? The fear of falling. In this workshop, we will learn how to safely fall out of inversions into backbends and cartwheels. When the worst that can happen is a controlled fall, there is nothing to be afraid of. This workshop is meant for any one with a sense of adventure – beginners and yoga junkies alike! This workshop will teach you how to make inversions just another pose or transition– nothing to sweat about, and certainly nothing to be afraid of!


Discover Yoga Nidra with Anya

Saturday, February 1st




$18 Drop-in

Learn about and experience the 10 steps of Yoga Nidra practice: a guided meditation that is both relaxing and powerful. Yoga Nidra helps to develop awareness by removing the layers that conceal our fundamental wholeness.

If a free workshop every month interests you, we invite you to purchase a Love Hive Yoga Membership HERE and receive free monthly workshops, unlimited free Jade mat rentals, and regular surprise bonuses. And of course unlimited yoga all month long with all your favorite teachers at all locations while supporting a locally-owned female run business. Part of your membership also supports our social justice work in the world as well as our Yoga Scholarship program that gives access to yoga to those who would otherwise not be able to afford it. 


Learn to create meaningful and inspired vinyasa sequences with Audra Carmine

February 8th & 9th, 2020

2:30pm - 6:30pm


Vinyasa sequencing calls upon both the free flow of imagination and the wisdom of countless hours of personal practice and teaching. How can we sequence from a place that is rooted in the earth of our discipline and experience, and still stay connected to our highest personal vision and genius?

Many yoga teachers either lack the foundational sequencing skills necessary to create effective sequences with ease, or run themselves dry trying to reinvent the vinyasa wheel every single time they teach a class. This workshop will help you gather the necessary resources to stabilize your class planning and reinvigorate your Vinyasa teaching practice with fresh ideas.

In this workshop, Audra Carmine--senior teacher, co-creator and director of Love Hive Yoga studio and yoga school, and Yogaanytime star--will help you take your sequencing to the next level. You will learn her highly sought after, original blueprint that has been proven to grow classes, empower students, and create a classroom environment that is both intelligent, progressive and filled with joy. Begin to sequence with clear intention, precision, creativity and balance.

During the course of this workshop, you will receive a set sequence for the following pose groups to:

Hip opening
Arm balances

You will then learn how to customize these set sequences to move toward specific poses, intentions and energetic qualities depending on your desired outcome for the class.

Expect to receive lots of information regarding anatomical sequencing, pose families and Light on Yoga. This workshop will be a combination of lecture, practice, practicum, sequence writing and exploration.



*Counts as 8 hrs towards 300hr Teacher Training


With Kady Monroe and Meg Satterthwaite

Saturday, February 8th 7-9pm




A very special evening at Love Hive Yoga. Meg will lead us through a deeply nourishing sequence of long-held Yin poses, as Kady Monroe serenades us with entrancing, luscious sounds of seven Crystal Singing Bowls, in addition to a plethora of other riveting sounds. This experience is an invitation to enter into your own essence, deeply connect with your body through ethereal sound vibration; to release, soften, unwind, envision and meditate.

Yin yoga is often compared to acupuncture and self massage in its capacity to move stuck energy through the body. Prepare to potentially let go of unhelpful blockages and stored tension as we enter into the realm of Being rather than doing.


A nourshing path to self care with Pia de la Llata

 Saturday, February 22nd, 2020 

2:30 - 4:30pm



Join us to learn directly from the plants and uncover what areas in your life desire deeper nourishment. In this herbalism series, Pia will help you tune in to the medicine that surrounds you and empower you to become your own health advocate. Together you will connect with a variety of plants to see what herbal allies you are being called to work with to enhance your self care practices. These are hands-on medicine making classes integrating the magic of ritual and intention setting in your community.


Aphrodisiacs and the Sacral Chakra: February marks the midpoint between the Winter Solstice and the Spring Equinox. We are officially getting ready to welcome in the most romantic season of all -- Spring! In the Wise Woman Tradition of Healing, springtime is associated with the element of air and you know what they say -- “love is in the air.” But, we don’t have to wait for the warmer weather and blooming flowers to tap into the energies of pleasure and joy.

In this workshop, we will tend our sacral chakra with our plant allies to harness the power of feeling expansive and connected. We will start with a plant meditation to deepen our intuition and explore how aphrodisiacs can help us tune into our senses. We will then make a magical potion to birth creativity, passion, pleasure, and emotional expression while setting healthy boundaries and releasing energy that no longer serves us.


Please bring a journal & pen; all other materials included.


About Pia:
Pia is a clinical herbalist and green witch specializing in holistic healing, plant spirit medicine, and nutrition. She weaves traditional medicine and modern science to integrate wellness in a way that is intuitive and fun. Her approach is heart-centered and deeply rooted in The Wise Woman Tradition of Healing- a path to nourishment that is simple and accessible to everyone. Pia apprenticed with Marysia Miernowska of The Gaia School of Healing in Topanga, CA where she focused on folk herbalism, plant spirit medicine, regenerative farming practices, chakra healing, and Earth magick. She is a graduate of the advanced program at Vital Ways School of Holistic Clinical Herbalism and holds a science degree in Nutrition and Food from an accredited program recognized for Dietetic Education and Practice. When Pia isn’t working directly with the plants, she is busy health coaching people across the country and teaching yoga at Love Hive. 



A Deeply Nourishing & Restorative Practice Indulgence with Jessica

March 14th, 2020


1:00 - 5:30pm



A Luxurious Journey Into The Deep End Of Bliss.

Self-Massage, Mellow Moves, & Restorative Yoga


Join Jessica for an afternoon of indulgent yoga practice designed to nourish, soothe, and comfort the body, promote healing, and deeply rejuvenate your entire being. We will spend our time exploring the most nurturing postures with self-massage, gentle movements and stretches the first half of our practice time followed by a mini-break with some yummy treats. The second portion of of Bliss Lab will be basking in long and luxuriously propped restorative postures that will leave your nervous system, body, and mind refreshed and relaxed. Jessica is known for her creative use of props, skillful support, and exquisitely profound restorative yoga practices. The perfect workshop for anyone looking to de-stress and unwind. Open to all levels of students as well as an excellent opportunity for yoga teachers to enjoy a mini experiential training in restorative yoga and well-being yoga practices. Take this time to give yourself the gift of healing relaxation and fill your reservoir of inner bliss.



$60 for both days

*Counts as 4.5hrs towards 300hr Teacher Training


Four Day Yoga Immersion on the Bhagavad Gita with With Jasmine Tarkeshi from The Laughing Lotus

Friday - Monday, April 10th - 13th 1-5pm


$249 for the whole weekend

$75 per day

We recommend the whole weekend; payment plan available

Join Jasmine Tarkeshi, Co-founder of Laughing Lotus Yoga Centers in NYC and SF and creator of Lotus Flow tm Yoga for a weekend immersion, soaking in the nectar of the teachings and practices of Yoga’s inspiring and transformative spiritual text, the Bhagavad Gita!

Translated as the beloved Song of God it's power, poetry and wisdom has had an enormous influence on millions of change makers, truth seekers worldwide and the beauty of it's message has inspired all who have been blessed to come in contact with it's mysterious power: From Gandhi, who referred to the Gita as his mother to T.S. Eliot, Emerson and Thoreau who in ecstasy over the Gita remarked, "In the morning I bathe my intellect in the stupendous and cosmogonal philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita, in comparison with which our modern world and its literature seem puny and trivial.”

The Gita has the power to arouse the cosmic warrior within us all to fight our own inner and the outer battles that are upon us with courage and devotion. Armed with the knowledge of all the paths of yoga and guided by our charioteer Sri Krishna, the Cosmic Lord of Love within us all.

The Bhagavad Gita tells the story of how Arjuna, a great warrior who is about to engage in battle between the forces of dark and light, in doubt and despair, gives up. It is then, that Sri Krishna comes to counsel him....this timeless internal human battle is brought to life in full color through Arjuna who represents the human soul seated in the chariot of the body and Krishna, God within who is always there to counsel us when we listen.

As Spiritual Warriors, we have to fight for justice, freedom and the authenticity of Self and diversity in community as Krishna asks Arjuna to even kill his own kinsmen because he was born to be a warrior. This represents destroying all our destructive, habitual patterns that we cling to that create so much suffering in our precious, beautiful lives and lives of others and our planet as well as systemic oppression and injustice. Our most powerful weapon? TAPAS: our Practice, detachment, surrender and LOVE! Performing every action, not only the many paths of Yoga that Krishna teaches, as worship. Devotion as the highest purification and austerity and realizing our own Dharma in how each one of us can be of service to the world in our own way.

This intensive with be broken down into 4 parts and will revolve around one of four major themes of The Gita:

1. Dharma : Our personal calling and purpose - A focus on honoring and invoking our unique purpose through warrior poses, and learning to move like our authentic selves through creative standing pose sequencing.

2. Karma: Self Transcendent Action - A focus on cultivating courage and sequencing for arm balances and inversions.

3. Bhakti - The Path of Love and Devotion - A focus on sequencing for cultivating love and devotion through heart opening back bends.

4. Shradha - Developing faith in a higher purpose, our destiny - A focus on aligning our lives to serving the higher good through twists, forward bends and sage poses.

Through Asana, Pranayama and Mantra along with personal inquiry, group discussion, habit exploration and reforming we will invoke personal change and action, transforming our inner dialogue and outer practices. Together we will create a safe and brave space to look at exploring ways of dismantling deeply rooted conditioning, outlining practical ways in which we can use our practice and teaching to create inner and outer change. Through exploring yogic concepts and tradition, this intersection challenges us to look deeper into both the universality of the human experience as well as its important differences. Through compassionate awareness of both our unity and our separateness can lead to greater equity and justice in our world.

Yoga and meditation are often perceived as solely internal, individual practices. Yet these practices can also be undertaken to promote positive social and personal developments that benefit the greater community. The concern for the social welfare of both the world and its people is essential to the practice of Yoga and for the sake of transformation and social justice. Historically, Yoga and meditation have been instrumental in facilitating social and environmental change.

One of the standout qualities of the beloved practice we have come to know and love as Lotus Flow TM is how balanced and complete one feels through the devotion, dance and discipline of Lotus sequencing. This is because of the graceful and conscious movement through the 7 fold chakra system, the ancient healing system and bridge between our physical, mental, emotional and spiritual selves .
This sequencing is known as Vinyasa Krama, which means " wise progression " where each asana is a preparation for the next, as each chakra's opening prepares for the next level of consciousness. As we nourish each part of ourselves from root to crown, with breath, movement and intention, we awaken to our spiritual anatomy through our physical anatomy and unlock and unblock our creative potential and heal and transform . Join us on this journey of discovery and self-exploration that balances every part of our selves and our lives and integrates mind, body and spirit to help us live more fully. Perfect for yogis of any level wanting to deepen their practice and yoga teachers looking for inspiration and wanting to share this enlivened and transformative practice with their students and wants to experience more depth, joy, and freedom through their practice of yoga.


Highly recommended to attend the whole weekend!!!

*Counts at 16 hours towards 300-hour credit


Diving deep into study, community, and practice with Audra & Jessica

June 5th - 8th, 2020

Friday - Monday

1:30 - 5:30pm



Inspired by the deep heart warming experiences friendship and community making, Love Hive Yoga offers 4-day afternoon asana intensive for those students who are interested in more continuing level study. This gives an opportunity to dive deep into practice, build relationships with community, hone your skills, and fill up your personal practice prana. We will spend four days together moving, laughing, exploring, supporting, and nurturing.  You are invited to join co-founders of Love Hive Yoga, Audra & Jessica for an inspiring, rich, and illuminating experience. 




4 PAYMENTS OF $60 (Email to set up payment plan)

*Counts as 16hrs towards 300hr Teacher Training

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Workshop Etiquette & Expectations

In an effort to make our study time together be most useful for everyone we offer the following suggestions to agree upon while attending a workshop at Love Hive: 

  • Arrive on time. On time means 15 - 5 minutes before scheduled start time. 

  • Do not leave early

  • If a workshop is running over the scheduled end time, please allow the teacher to finish and end the class.  This is to be respectful and not disruptive to the teacher and other students who do want to stay and finish. We make every effort to end on time and we ask that you be able to extend us some flexibility if needed. 

  • Do not use your cell phone. 

  • Arrive with a mindset of receptivity, non-judgement, and a willingness to learn. Stay curious as a practice. 

  • Don't talk while the teacher is talking, no eating during class, keep your restroom visits to a minimum, respect break times, be kind to other students. 

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