Yoga Blankets

Yoga Blankets- Why Do You Need Them?

Yoga blankets are an essential tool for anyone practising yoga.

They can be a great addition to your practice, especially when you’re practising in a crowded yoga studio or even at home.

The right yoga blanket will keep you warm and cosy while you practice your poses, which will help you stay focused and relaxed.

Yoga blankets come in many different styles and designs, so it’s essential to shop around to find the best yoga blanket for your needs.

In this article, we'll talk about the best yoga blankets, what to look for when choosing one, and how to make sure you get the most out of your yoga blanket.

What is a Yoga Blanket?

A yoga blanket is a type of blanket used during yoga practice. Early yoga practitioners realized that using a blanket helped them achieve better poses and stretches, adding extra support and warmth.

What is the point of a yoga blanket?
Hence, many traditional postures, such as the Savasana pose, are typically performed with a yoga blanket.

The history of the yoga blanket goes back thousands of years. Though these have been founded as a yoga tool, we should thank B.K.S. Iyengar, the founder of Iyengar yoga, made this yoga accessory popular among western yoga practitioners. 

Why do we need a yoga blanket?

Here are the most common reasons why you might want to consider getting a yoga blanket:

Stay Warm In Savasana & During Meditation

Warmness is essential for yoga because it creates a feeling of relaxation. Therefore, when performing Savasana or the final pose of your practice, you need to be warm.

The only way to achieve this is with a blanket or towel. Thus, a yoga blanket is the best way to create the perfect environment for your final pose. 

Besides, you can also use a yoga blanket during meditation. If you live in a cold environment, a blanket or towel will help keep you warm while meditating.

They will also keep your body relaxed and help you clear your mind as you focus on your breathing.

Cushion Your Knees, Elbows & Wrists

Knees, elbows, & wrists may get sore and painful during stretches. So, the better way to prevent further strain and pain is to cushion your joints which you can do easily with a yoga blanket.

Also, it will help prevent bumps and bruises that may otherwise occur when you hit the floor during your practice.

Gain Height In Seated Poses

Seated poses are a great way to stretch. But, they can be challenging to perform if you are too short or too tall.

Also, they may require a yoga block or stool, which can be an added cost and require more space in your home. 

Using a yoga blanket can solve these problems by giving you the height you need to perform certain poses, such as eagle and half butterfly poses. By placing a yoga prop under your hips and shoulders, you can quickly gain height.

Fill In The Gap If The Flexibility Is Not There Yet

Many yoga practitioners are worried about their flexibility. As a result, they may feel limited by their body and not perform certain poses like The Plank pose or the Crow. But, there is a solution to this problem. 

With a yoga blanket, you can cover your body and help fill in the gap caused due to a lack of flexibility. It brings more length to your muscles and achieves the perfect pose.

How can you use blankets in your yoga practice?

As we know, blankets are an essential part of any yoga practice, but they are often used in poses such as Warrior I, Warrior II, Triangle Pose, and Forward Fold. To use them effectively in your practice, follow these tips on how to optimize their use:

Support knees in kneeling positions

You need to put a blanket under your knees or between your legs when performing kneeling positions such as the Low Lunge pose, gate pose, and The Cat-Cow stretch.

The blanket will support your knees, thus relieving the pressure off them and thereby improving your practice. 

First, place the blanket so that it is directly underneath your knee. Then, cross it over the other knee and cover both knees with the blanket.

Pigeon Pose

In the pigeon pose, the blanket supports the hips. By placing a more oversized blanket underneath your hips, you can raise your hips higher than usual.

What is the Pigeon Pose good for?
It will help you externally rotate and open up your hips more than you could, as if there was no blanket. Thus, it reduces the pressure on the lower back, especially if you get twisted in a pigeon pose.

Child’s Pose

Generally, you must keep the legs straight (not folded) in a child pose. But, if you want to keep your legs straight without feeling the pressure on your lower back, use a yoga blanket to support the legs.

The blanket will help support your body and keep the legs straight. If you want to help open the hips, place another blanket underneath your inner thighs.

Hero Pose

The Hero Pose is a striking pose that requires you to extend your arms and legs straight in opposite directions.

Why is it called Hero Pose?
If you cannot keep your legs straight, it can be pretty painful for your feet. So, use a blanket or mat underneath your lower back and hips to support your body. 

It will help keep the spine straight, allow you to keep both legs extended without feeling any pressure on them, and create an opening in the chest and shoulders.

Easy Pose

In Easy Pose, you can keep your legs straight to stretch your hamstrings and calves. But, if you do not have enough flexibility in your hamstrings or calves, getting a yoga blanket may help reduce the feeling of tightness and tension. 

You can place it under the knees, lower back behind the hips, or the outside of the legs. Then, cross the blanket over both legs and put it under your lower back by wrapping it around your back torso (tummy) from left to right on top of your belt or pants.

Seated Forward Fold

In Seated Forward Fold, the blanket acts as a support for the lower back and legs. Therefore, it can help relieve back tension and weight on the shoulders when performing the pose. 

What is the benefits of the seated forward fold?
To do this, you can place a blanket between your legs, an extra blanket beneath your torso, or a smaller blanket beneath your knees.

Shoulderstand/Plow Pose

Another pose that requires the blanket is a shoulder stand. You need to shoulder stand by lying on a blanket or two mats in this pose. Then, you need to lift your body with the help of your elbows. 

It is much more comfortable than putting all your weight on your shoulders and neck when performing a shoulder stand.

Head To Knee Pose

This pose requires you to move from a seated position to a kneeling place. But, if you cannot get into the kneeling position without hurting your knees or lower back, use a blanket or mat to help cushion and support your knees. 

What is head to knee pose good for?
By placing a blanket underneath the thighs and neck, you will be able to kneel quickly by keeping the back of your knees and hips with the blanket while putting more weight on the shin bones.

Garland Pose/ Yoga Squat

Garland Pose is a squat position that requires you to sit on your ankles and bend forward. The pose can be more accessible if you use a yoga blanket to help you sit on your ankles. 

Placing it under your ankles will make them more comprehensive, thus allowing you to get into the pose more quickly than if there was no blanket. 

If a regular-sized blanket is too big for your feet, then use a smaller-sized blanket for better results.


Savasana is the final resting pose in every yoga session. It requires you to lie down comfortably on the floor.

But, if you want to relax more, use a yoga blanket to support your body parts and relieve any tension or pressure you might feel.

Cleaning and maintenance of a Yoga Blanket

A yoga blanket can last up to several years if you properly take care of it. Here are some tips to help you take proper care of your yoga blanket:

How do you clean yoga equipment?

Wash with care

You can wash a yoga blanket in cold water using mild detergent. Then, you can dry it in the sun or by using a warm clothes dryer to kill any bacteria and germs. After that, let it air-dry thoroughly before folding.

Do not dry under a fan

If you leave your yoga blanket inside the air-conditioner on the highest setting, it can cause damage to the fabric of your blanket.

Instead, place it under direct sunlight or on top of a radiator. It will help kill any bacteria and germs inside it and prevent the material from shrinking and getting damaged from heat.

Do not overuse cleaning products

Using too much detergent can cause mildew to ruin your yoga blanket, which is not healthy for use. Therefore, stick to the mild detergent, which you can use for hand wash for your blanket.

Be careful when folding it up again

If you want to dry your blanket in the sun or with a clothes dryer, make sure that you fold it one way and not partially fold it.

Also, make sure that you roll the blanket properly with all the seams and corners in their place to prevent any damage. 

Use a yoga mat sleeve

The yoga mat sleeve is one of the best accessories you can use to keep your yoga blankets in good condition.

It will protect your blanket and also offer comfort to your yoga mat.  Placing it inside the zippered cover you received with your blanket will help keep all of these in place without any compromise or damage.

How To Choose Quality Yoga Blankets?

Generally, choosing high-quality materials is the best thing to do. There are very many things to take into account when comparing them. Here is the advice on how you can differentiate one from another:

Look at the material

When purchasing a yoga blanket, you should look at its material. It is one of the most important things to keep in mind as it will help you decide if the material is of high-quality materials or low-quality ones. 

Cotton Yoga blankets

Iyengar Cotton Yoga Blanket Set of Four, Pune Blanket. Iyengar Yoga Blanket, Handwoven Yoga Blanket
  • Hand Woven, Unbleached Cotton Blanket
  • Yoga Blanket is perfect balance of soft touch fabric and tight weave durability.
  • These Blankets are made for relaxing, renewing for restorative poses.
  • Size: 60'' X 80'' Inch

Cotton is the most common type of material used in making yoga blankets. It can be of good quality for you as no other blanket offers the same soft and comfortable touch as cotton.  In addition, it is the most durable material & safest for the environment. 

Can I use any blanket as a yoga blanket?
The disadvantages of cotton materials are that they shrink when you first use them and are not very absorbent.

Wool Yoga Blankets

Wool is also an excellent material to choose as your yoga blanket. It is a very thick fabric that has a lot of durability. It will not lose its original shape even when you wash it in large amounts of water. 

However, wool blankets are not the best choice for allergies to wool and some other animal products. Also, it takes longer to air dry wool yoga blankets than cotton blankets do.


Cotton-polyester blend is also a good material choice. It is a multipurpose material that can be used for many purposes and withstand both warm and cold temperatures. 

But, the downfall of the polyester blend type of blanket is that it is not very comfortable to touch compared to other kinds of acrylic fibres.


Yoga blankets come in different styles, from which one will have to choose the one you are looking for.

The most common is long square blankets which you can use in almost every pose. However, they do limit your movement and flexibility when compared to other types of yoga mats. 

The square blankets are suitable for sitting poses like forwarding folds and boat poses. You can also use them to cover your mat while you rest or perform other movements in them. 

Another type of style is the rectangular shape. These are used for standing poses like spinal twists and headstands. They are not very common but can give you an elegant look when you use them. 

Beginners and advanced yogis often use a round shape to feel more comfortable than square shapes. You can also use them to cover your yoga mat while performing seated yoga postures.


Size plays a significant role in the look of a yoga mat. It will affect your comfort level, flexibility and range of movements that you can do with it. 

Your yoga blanket can vary from 30 x 30 inches to 60 x 60 inches according to the size you choose. 

If you are looking for a blanket that you can use in any pose, the most significant measure is the best choice. 

However, for those looking for a blanket that will offer good support, the smaller size is the best.

Five Yoga Blankets That Are Worth Buying

In general, we know that there are several yoga blankets available in the market which you can choose from. But, some stand out from the rest due to their superior size, material and function. 

Organic-Cotton Blanket From Carolina Morning Designs

Carolina Morning Designs is a famous yoga brand in the U.K. that offers superior quality yoga mats and yoga blankets.

Organic-Cotton Blanket From Carolina Morning Designs
This yoga mats and blankets brand is made from 100% organic cotton and is free from any harmful chemicals.

 As a result, it offers an elegant look at a much lower price. This blanket is available in two colours, tan and red.

The blankets are 130 x 200 inches in size and can be folded up to reduce their weight by 70 pounds. Moreover, it is machine-washable, making it convenient for you to use it even after several uses. 

Benevolence LA Mexican Blanket Authentic Falsa

Benevolence LA Mexican Blanket Authentic Falsa is a high-quality 100% recycled acrylic fibres yoga blanket perfect for outdoor use.

It offers you a unique look and feels, which can significantly benefit your yoga experience. 

The Mexican Blanket Authentic Falsa is available in various colours from which you can choose one to match your taste. Then, fold or roll it to the desired size and enjoy your yoga practice without hassle.

RUTH&BOAZ Outdoor Wool Blend Blanket Ethnic Inka Pattern

RUTH&BOAZ Outdoor Wool Blend Blanket Ethnic Inka Pattern(EF) (Navy, Large)
  • 60" x 82" 3.3 lbs
  • 20% wool 80% polyester
  • Great for the home, camping, mountain cabin, beach, or in the evenings by the fire
  • A wide variety of colors and patterns are available to meet the specific needs of any place and occasion
  • Machine wash cold, Tumble dry in low or dry clean

The famous brand Ruth&Boaz is an eco-friendly wool blend and can be machine washed. It has a soft texture, making it the perfect choice for yoga practice. 

RUTH&BOAZ Outdoor Wool Blend Blanket Ethnic Inka Pattern
In addition, the thick and warmness of these blankets make them ideal to use in the cold season. The blankets are available in three sizes, 80x120 inches, 100x150 inches, and 120X180 inches.

These blankets are perfect for those who practice yoga during the cold season. They will ensure that you do not feel cold and enjoy a cosy yoga session in the house or outside!

The only disadvantage of this blanket is that it takes longer to air dry if you wash it. But, you can always hand wash it in cold water, and air dry it in your house.

Spirit Quest Supplies Bodhi Blanket Mexican Style Blanket

Spirit Quest Supplies Bodhi Blanket Mexican Style Blanket is a Mexican blanket made of a sturdy acrylic/polyester blend.

It has a very thick and soft texture, perfect for all weather conditions. It is easily foldable or rolled up for easy storage and storage. 

The blanket is available in three sizes, 75×102 inches, 100×150 inches, and 150×200 inches. It can be machine washed for easy cleaning.

Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket

Open Road Goods Blue Yoga Blanket - Thick Mexican Thunderbird Blanket - Handmade and Made for Yoga!
  • Cotton - Acrylic - Polyester blend, much more durable than a standard Mexican Falsa blanket.
  • Extra Large (XL) size: approx 78" x 50" Thick in comparison to a traditional Mexican Blanket.
  • Handwoven. Please note, because this is a handmade item, the color of the Thunderbirds and tassels may vary from what is pictured (tassels may be white, grey, or black)
  • Also great for use as a beach blanket, a picnic blanket, yoga bolster, decorative throw, or a yoga gift.
  • Machine Washable. Gets softer after each wash!

 The most economical yoga blanket ideal for long-term use is the Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket. This blanket is made of a sturdy cotton/acrylic/polyester blend, suitable for use during all weather conditions. 

Open Road Goods Yoga Blanket
It is eco-friendly & sustainable material sourcing, making it a prevalent choice in the yoga community. 

Its soft and thick texture offers a smooth and pleasant experience while practising yoga. Moreover, it is machine washable so that you can wash it at home and air dry it for long-term use. 


Yoga blankets are essential to anyone who practices yoga because they provide a comfortable place to rest your head and body during class.

The benefits of a yoga blanket include increased flexibility, decreased pain, and improved posture. 

Whether you’re looking to get started with yoga or already practice yoga, you can find a yoga blanket that fits your needs and preferences.

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