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Yoga Democracy Reviews – A Line Of Excellent Active Wear

Yoga Democracy is an innovative company that makes clothing and offers a unique line of sustainable activewear. 

With an ever-growing fan base, Yoga Democracy is now offering its excellent eco-friendly yoga gear to everyone in the world! They have a wide range of styles and colours that make it easy to find the right fit. 

Whether your goals are: physical fitness, weight loss, stress management, or simply staying healthy and happy, they have the perfect sustainable activewear for you. 

In addition, their commitment to producing only high-quality, stylish, and eco-friendly products while paying close attention to every detail of their manufacturing process will leave a positive impact on our environment.

About yoga democracy:

Yoga Democracy was founded in Arizona to produce sustainable and environmentally friendly pants. Natalie Oldroyd founded yoga Democracy to create a corporation whose ideology is aligned with the ideals of yoga. 

Where is yoga democracy based?
The foundation for Yoga Democracy's mission statement is based on the philosophy of Ahimsa, which means "do no harm."

Everything is manufactured in the United States by “Free Range Humans!” Their pants are composed of 95 per cent recycled fibres. 

They enjoy employing a waterless dying method to create all of their products, resulting in a low carbon impact. Their production method looks to have taken a lot of time and effort, which is commendable.


  • Oeko-Tex Certification
  • Free Range Humans!
  • 95% Recycled Materials
  • Waterless Dying

Pros & Cons


Comfortable: The material is very soft and sturdy, and it fits precisely on every area of my body. During an exercise, it also breaths properly.

Design: Take a look at the Yoga Democracy website to discover all the bold and exotic alternatives available to its consumers! 

Recycled Fibers: They use recycled fibres in 95 per cent of their products.

YD goods are manufactured from one of three recycled-content textiles. 

They’re also adamant about using suppliers who comply with strict water-use and greenhouse-gas-emissions guidelines.

Yoga Haven: Yoga Democracy’s products aren’t limited to leggings! With their vast assortment of shirts, shorts, leggings, blocks, mats, and more, they take recycling and sustainability to the next level!

Free Range Humans: Every month, Yoga Democracy communicates with their Instagram followers using the hashtag #yogademocracy, and one fortunate human receives a $50 e-gift card to use at their store!


Price: Although Yoga Democracy is a sustainable company, its prices are slightly higher than the average yoga apparel company.


Should I buy yoga democracy?

Yeah! You should do so! Yoga Democracy is the thinnest fabric I’ve ever seen that isn’t transparent. The leggings are incredibly long-lasting and will withstand several washes and wears. 

They have a vivid and lovely range of colours and patterns. It's as if you're walking around with a pair of paintings on your legs. 

It is a brand that I strongly recommend. When ordering, remember to buy your actual size!

Where to buy yoga democracy?

You can purchase it online from their website, Yoga Democracy shop or

How many pairs of yoga democracy should I buy?

It’s up to you! If you’re serious about yoga, you should invest in at least three pairs. They can last for months if well-cared for.

Is yoga democracy sustainable?
As a beginner, two pairs are enough for you to enjoy your classes and still look great after each class.

Customer Reviews

“I love this company, the quality is amazing, and their customer service is phenomenal!”

"Very comfortable, sturdy material. I've used them for both hot yoga and regular yoga."

“Love this brand! I have been wearing their shirts for years! I love the new pants I got!”


Yoga Democracy is a great company that stands out from its competitors; however, there are very similar alternatives.

  • Lululemon: Another famous yoga apparel company. This eco-friendly brand is also trendy among yogis worldwide. Although, they have little to no transparency on their manufacturing process or products.
  • Gaiam: Not only do they offer incredibly sustainable apparel, but their products are also very stylish and ecologically sound.
  • Manduka: Another company that offers high-quality sustainable and functional yoga apparel at a reasonable price.
  • Prana: This company is like the Gap of the yoga universe. They offer a wide array of products and styles at a reasonable price with decent functionality. 


Yoga Democracy is a fantastic brand that offers excellent yoga apparel. However, you should know that they have some minor flaws. 

Although their pricing is a little steep for some beginners, it's worth investing in some durable yoga pants. 

If you are new to Yoga Democracy, I would not recommend buying the entire matching outfit because the pieces tend to run small or large.

The colour options are charming but overwhelming for people who don't like brightly coloured garments.

This product is definitely worth the money, and I would recommend it to all my friends and family! You will not regret purchasing this product.

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